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Time to get some new models on the go :) 

Taira Racing YZF R1 


Taira Racing make all sorts of bits and bobs for the R1, for racing and replacement parts for the standard bike, and the kit has a couple of different bits than standard Tamiya bike.

The runners....

Engine & Wheels & stuff


Body Parts


Other bits 


The chromed frame, swing arm and forks. 


These are the replacement parts for the racing R1. Carbon Fibre mudguard, lighter racing sproket and chain and racing exhaust.


seey throughy bits and Tires


Decals and UV Filter stick on for the windscreen 


The colour is going to be TS 17 Gloss Aluminium :) 

Right then.... 

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Afternoon Everyone :) 

Some progress at last.....

First up, the engine. 

The main body of the engine was painted LP 20 Light Gun Metal. The silver side covers TS 30 Silver Leaf and the rest LP5 Semi Gloss Black. The gold bits here and there are Titanium Gold. I used Aluminium tape cut into thin strips at the end of the rubber pipes as like jubilee clips.

Once everything was dry and varnished with semi gloss varnish, the engine was given a light X19 Smoke wash. :) 



Next up, the frame. It was in horrible shiny shiny chrome so that was stripped and the frame and swingarm are all sprayed LP 48 Sparkling Silver 

Handy Neato tip... Don't spray gloss clear over LP 48, it actually dulls it.


The instructions will have you build the swingarm in 2 steps, but you can actually build the swingarm in one go and fit everything later (You'll have to make a small cut on the chain to get it to fit over the swingarm, but easily glued afterwards. 

And eventually, it all comes together....



The taillights were painted clear red with aluminium tape behind it, and the reflector at the bottom of the mudguard is aluminium tape painted clear red.


The rear mudguard is supposed to have yellow weave Carbon Fiber decals on it, but the decals are actually quite thick and don't really want to stick down onto the mudguard, and they have now actually split... so I'm contemplating just leaving it off, or see if I have similar replacement decals


That's it for now, more later :) 


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Afternoon Everyone :) 

A bit more of an update.

The swingarm is now complete. 

It was sprayed LP48 Sparkling Silver, with no clear coat over it. The rear stand is supposed to be silver as well, but I decided to go with Black and Clear Blue Wheels. I eventually gave up on the Carbon decals on the rear mudguard. They are in 3 pieces but by my reckoning, because of the shape, should be at least in 6 pieces. There is a couple of smudges on the mudguard on the photo but they have been sorted now. Haven't detailed the chain yet.

This was one of the few bikes that the back wheel stays straight when you fit it :) 


The Swingarm is fitted to the frame and the bike can now go onto a build board. (No expense spared on the front jack :))



I want to build up the main bodywork now and spray it TS17 Gloss Aluminium so I can see the contrast of shinyness between the Frame and the Body. I'm hoping the frame doesn't overpower the bodywork. If it does, I think I might use Light Gun Metal instead for a better contrast.

That's it 

Keep Safe 

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Afternoon Everyone 

Not much of an update really, just the exhaust is finished and mounted on now.

The Muffler was painted LP Titanium Gold, and the pipes LP Titanium Silver. 

The pipes are hidden behind the radiator and the fairing so I'm not going to do the heat staining, but I will be doing some on the connector pipe onto the muffler :) 

Lots more going on with this so there will be me more coming soon :) 


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Cold and Miserable today. Weather is shite as well :) 

Busy painting all the bits for the front Forks, and part of that is the front wheel. 

That was sprayed last night with a rattle can 



I hate it when this happens... ( the bubbles around the rim for the slow ones at the back :)


So I've just spent an hour sanding it all down and its ready to be resprayed again, this time I'll use LP paint. 


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59 minutes ago, Mad Steve said:

You know you want to build a bike or two Kevin 😬

yes, but i am absolutely useless with an airbrush, i have a sparmax compressor, and evolution guns, but no matter what, different pressure and or mixtures, i never have had a decent result tice


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Afternoon Everyone :) 

Some of yer actual progress...

Radiator and waterpipes on

aaaaaaand the front forks too. :) 


I'm also busy prepping the bodywork, so not far to go now :) 

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It is just that. The previous Genesis engine was redesigned and made smaller, which in turn on the R1 gives it better handling and is lighter.... Which makes it go faster :) They are frighteningly quick the R1's, (0-100kmh in 2.9 seconds) :yes:

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  • Mad Steve changed the title to TAMIYA 1/12TH TAIRA RACING YAMAHA YZF R1 (FINISHED)

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