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HMS MARS Martian information needed for a World of the Wars build.

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Hello all,

Thus, as many may or may not know; Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are having difficulties again.

That would be oneself and his darling Cleopatra; the name I cannot reveal here, but she is Desirable, looks a little like Kate Bush when her hair is dark, and, for that matter, Liz of the large diamond and; is without doubt, the most difficult but gorgeous lady this Mr. Burton, driven once again to drink and Poetry, has ever met.

Ahem @Dr Loopy...

My modelling interests have changed. The preference in all things aviation; Trainers, civvies, prototypes. Nowt wot killed people (intentionally).

Warships. Ships.

H.G. Wells War Of The Worlds appears more pertinent: now, than ever before.


I was amongst a few here, almost wiped out by one of our (their) red planet (flag?) viruses. Egg Foo Yung anyone? It's nice. Unlike COVID-19.

I have done much research. Since 'Mr Clammer"; my inspiring Geography teacher told me of 'Thunderchild" and that she was based on something else. 

Torpedo rammers; yes, but H.G. Wells was even more clever.

There was a Pre-Dreadnought class of warship that were, to my eye, gorgeous...

Moreover, we check the cover of my beloved "Jeff Wayne" album, listen to Mr. Clammer.



Listening to Richard Burton's incredible voice, weep as Liz did for his untimely death, and consider our love; for The Moody Blues.

Or rather I do; pondering the dulcet tones of Justin Hayward and my currently, lost, autumnal love.


Did I mention the poetry?






Not the earlier wooden ship. The iron ship. 

See images.

Please someone; where can I buy a model of her?

Scratchbuilding is possible.


It must be done.

Best regards












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On 29/05/2021 at 01:07, Paul Brown said:

Thank you Paul, that is a lovely little model. Appears to b sold out...will research, however, Combrig looks good. I would like a Dreadnought to make a ship that participated in the Spanish Civil war. Revell make a Dreadnought, but I will need to check scale, price and which is most suitable for the Spanish one. Mars first. 

Thanks again Paul and @phoenix54Paul too. This is exciting now :)



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