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Bucker Jungmann

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1976 - the year the Cray-1 Supercomputer was made commercially available (8.9meg of RAM, 300meg storage, 5.5tons), and Heller released (and I built) this little Bucker here....




Emerging recently relatively unscathed from a box of self dismantling kit parts, this 'Old' meister just needed a propellor, a wheel, and a quick hose-down to return it to its 1976 condition (the pre-restored photos are in WiP somewhere).

I rigged it, added a bit of cockpit detail, moved the tailplane up (Heller got that bit wrong) and replaced the hand-painted grunhertz tail emblem with one drawn up on my MacPro2.1 (2008, 8gb ram, 2x4terrabyte hard drives, weight, well, I can lift it with one hand).

So now it goes on the 'Shelf of Done' at last!

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2 hours ago, Gorby said:

The first mainframe computer I worked on (1982) had 1 meg of RAM. At the time people would say "wow... 1 megabyte!".

The first computer I encountered was when the Graphics company I worked for bought a Quantel Paintbox in about 1982. It cost about £220,000, came with its own operator who earned a lot more than our head designer/illustrator (who flounced off in hissy fit to set up his own company) and it had to have its own basement rented off-site it took up so much space.

Soon afterwards, a graphics salesman friend let me see a PC based graphics system he was pushing which came it at a mere £36,000. Truth was, it wasn't very good, but my company checked out a few other systems and bought one at  £78,000 - IBM AT, 256meg of ram, 20meg hard drive. I asked how long that would last till it filled up, and was told "Brain the size of a planet, you'll never need any more space. I've never trusted a computer salesman since. The Quantel was in the bin within 3 years.

I got the job of operating the IBM system since I was the only artist who didn't fall asleep during the demo in a darkened basement!

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