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Revell 1/25th '78 GMC Big Game Country Pick Up

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Afternoon Everyone :) 

I thought it was time for a bit of a fun build and I pulled this out the cupboard last weekend. 


It has already been started, otherwise it would be in the Car Group Build.

The Chassis has been completed already.


And before you ask, yes, it does have a gun rack :) (The details are a bit crap, so that will be replaced.)


This kit dates back to 1978


and has re appeared in many different versions, but this one comes with massive off road tires :)

More on these later.... 


As you can see from the box top, the GMC camo'd, and it actually comes with a full set of camo decals :) 


Yes, I did decide to use the decals (stop tittering at the back), so the bodyshell was painted XF 67 Nato Green and left to dry.....

(little nagging voice in my head, its too dark)


Left it to dry for a day or two and tried out the decals and guess what, they looked shite! (reaally? No! :)

Back to the drawing board. Sand down the body, get a new coat of primer on and this time I used XF 58 Olive Green. I'm going to hand paint the camo on, as I'm assuming that's how it was done with quite a few of these vehicles, or, if you were a real posh redneck, they'd be a custom wrap. (Little voice, still too dark)


A bit more prettying up work done...

I filed down the back of the grille with a course file, until it was paper thin, then cut out the bits that are supposed to be holes

That is going to be stripped and painted Black 


Once that's done, I'll use some of this to put behind the grille 


Back to those wheels...

I didn't know this until I looked on the interweb but the tires are one of the booboo's right from the beginning. They are handed, meaning the thread needs to face all the same way, but instead they all face the same way, so one side will point forward, one reverse.


I almost boxed the kit at this point, but I found on the IPMS USA site a way to get around it, and as easy as trimming the interior rim of two of the wheels and reversing the way the wheels are fitted and wallah...


and they look really cool when fitted...


That's about it for now, I'm basically waiting for stuff to dry so I can carry on :) 


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I like that your truck has it's own rifle rack with a Marlin underlever in .357 and the bolt action Savage in .248. That cab colour is great, good work on the underpinnings too. That's a mean truck.

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That bloody little voice....

The camo idea isn't working for me. Gimme a tank and I'll give you camo... putting camo on this GMC, its just not sitting right. You know that feeling inside when you look at one of your models and its just meh! 

Let me leave it overnight and think about it... :) 

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Afternoon Everyone :) 

Right then, I left this overnight to let my head clear... 

Although I like the Idea Jessie put forward, I don't think I want to do it with this one, I have an F250 I think I might try that on :) 

I've had an issue for a couple of months now with painting camo, since I've taken up building 48th scale armour. I just cant get nice clean lines. 

So I got hold of a friend of mine who is like an airbrushing guru, and instead of sending him a big long whatsapp trying to explain, I sent him this video, and asked, what causes this..

Only took him a couple of minutes to answer and said, Yer paint's too thick 

Thinned it down a bit more and wallah... (No you aren't going batty, it is two different colours) 


You know how long I've been struggling with this? I couldn't understand it, I never had this problem in the past when I was building armour. Then I realised (duh) I was using Vallejo paints... They are ready mixed and I used them straight out of the bottle.... Yeah I know, I'm a dumbass. Anyhoo, I'm so glad I got over this hump, I have a couple of German WW2 Camo scheme's to wrestle with... 

Anyhow... I tried out the new found knowledge this afternoon, and...


Its not 100%, but practice makes perfect :) 

Onto more fun things, The Gun Rack....

To refresh your memory, this is what the original looks like.


I'm not going to use this at all, but scratch

build a new one, but our GMC owner is a little more hard core ( And its the only weapons I have in 1/24th scale), an M1 Carbine, and M1 Garand rifle. I believe you can get replica weapons of both, so not really that far out there. 


That's about it for now. Stuff to do, people to irritate :) 

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Nice work on the camo Steve.

I never really know how much to thin Tamiya acrylic. I've heard people say half paint, half thinners but that always seems too thin to me.

Either that or they say it needs to be the consistency of milk. Full fat, skimmed, semi-skimmed? They don't say! :no:

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Ha, just the same as me Gorbs. 

I just go on my own mission and mix it how im happy with. The only problems arose with getting the clean lines with the camo. 

You go on you tube and watch demos and they say this way, then another dude says no, do this way. I've resigned myself now to trying what i'm happy with, what works for me. 

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Tamiya, Gunze, take a new jar and fill to the top with thinner, Done, 

Vallejo take bottle walk to bin, Open bin, drop vallejo in Done

Good stuff Steve I do remember telling someone before they had their paint too thick:tank:


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Afternoon Everyone :) 

Some progress...

Camo paint job, not looking too bad...


Once It dried off properly, I masked up the window surrounds and sprayed them. (no photo's of the pick up covered in masking tape this time, to save someone who will remain nameless (Gorby) from having a complete thromby again and needing to lie down for a week :)


So all those bits are drying off, time to play with some other stuff...

The front grille. Instead of using the photo etch stuff I suggested earlier, I've decided to use the plastic stuff because its actually the right shape (little rectangles)


So a rectangle was cut and it was glued on with superglue. Then it was re glued with superglue.... then it was sworn at quite a few times, and then reglued again, but using Kristal Kleer. What happened to that superglue we had years ago that stuck anything to anything, and damn well stayed stuck. You had to work at like light speed to get stuff stuck in the right place :) 


Then the whole lot was painted black. I actually made a boob. The inside of the lights are supposed to be black as well, with only the inner face being shiny. I'll sort that out later. 


The interior got some attention too... The inner tub and dashboard were also painted. The brown is XF Wooden Deck Tan. (And yes, those were just two pieces)

Still a bit of over spray on the dashboard to clean up. The seats and dashboard will still be washed and drybrushed. 


While this was all drying, I thought I'd do something easy, like fit the rear window.... :no:

This is where the old Revell / Monogram kits from the 70's rear's its ugly head....

The clear bit for the back window is just a tad bigger than the whole its supposed to go in... (plus it has ejector pins marks on it... In all my years of modelling I have never seen that before...) 


I'm not to even try to trim down the clear piece, so....

(Brace yourself Gorbs, wanton abuse of Masking tape ahead...) 

I'm going to use a bit of clear plastic from a whatever box it was

Cover the hole with masking tape... (Hang in there Gorbs, you can do it, be strong man :)


Stick that on the plastic.... cut it out (I use very fine decal scissors to cut out clear plastic)


And Wallah.... Glued in with Kristal Kleer. When its dry you can just remove the excess.


That's about it for now... more stuff coming soon. 

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