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Tamiya 1/35 PzKpfw V Panther Ausf.D

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As this July marked the 75th anniversary of Operation "Zitadelle" I decided to build the Tamiya kit of the Ausf.D.

The model represents a vehicle from the 4th Kompanie of the 51st Panzer Battalion of the 39th Panzer Regiment during the Battle of Kursk in July, 1943. The numbering system works this way: 4th Kompanie, Third Platoon and Second vehicle within that Platoon. 

The only things I added to the model were the width indicator's on the front fender's. 

31183429288_69bf3475c1_h.jpgDSC_3627_11982 by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr

30120118217_19ae7d866f_h.jpgDSC_3629_11983 by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr

A couple of images of the actual vehicle.

45055798301_3f45b57a96_z.jpg3b99230fdf9418addd221666bc3f4145 by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr

30120226347_0a9bfd76e8_h.jpg9abda96555a7107dd938b0dfb94141c4 by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr

And a couple of references also used. 

31183429038_feea6aa1b9_h.jpgDSC_3630_11984 by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr

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