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More Ebay woes for MJW Models!

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Please read this!
Ebay still seem to have something against us. Not content with losing us over £1000 in sales (over the Ebay payments bungle) they now seem determined to remove out top rated Ebay seller status. This means we'll lose our seller discount and we'll have to increase prices, which will lose us even more money over time. This combined with the fact their bulk editor isn't working properly makes Ebay more frustrating than normal. Royal Mail have changed the non UK post. Now everything will be counted as a small parcel, they say to be in line with postal services in other countries. This means something like a decal set, which would normally class as a letter (or large letter) will now be a lot more expensive to airmail. Since we can't amend the prices at the moment, so we can't sell anything on Ebay to non UK customers at the moment - so Ebay are losing us more sales. We're also further dismayed that after our last lot of shoddy treatment from Ebay, some customers have gone back to buying from our Ebay shop rather than our website (and have paid more money). So once again we ask, could all our customers buy from our website rather than our Ebay shop! Our website is cheaper and is fully open for business (unlike currently our Ebay shop) and we have a greater control over our website sales and can 'customise orders' if we need to!
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