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The fire that is being spat

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Good day to you all!


This is where I will kick off my Spitfire build. I don't really know much about this type of aircraft and all their different marks but always willing to give it a go. I picked up this kit a week or so ago at my LHS, which is actually a museum but their model shop is second to non for kits. This is the ICM 1:48 Spitfire Mk VIII (or 8 in modern terms) and will be done in the kit US markings so it fits within my model ABC requirement (anything but crab! 😁). I couldn't find a RN version in the shop ready to go so went for something Foreign. I read reviews on the kit which proclaimed, at the time of release, that this was the most accurately detailed 1:48 Spit. Unfortunately that was decades ago and nowadays I think it is classed as ok but it does have a really nice engine ..... which doesn't actually fit without some major effort. But we shall give it a go! Here is the box and contents ....












The kit also includes a highly detailed decal sheet :22_yikes:


They are Russian produced, so what can go wrong! I foresee a decal jigsaw coming up? :analintruder:

The only extra that I am throwing in is an etched harness from a spare fret I have for a Mk 1 Meteor. I'm not sure how accurate it will be but its better than nothing.


Just need to remember which box its stored in as original is one of those annoying end openers!


Just need to give it a good scrub and then we are ready for the off tomorrow!

Until then Stay safe and look after yourselves!



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Gave this a quick start, unusually we dont start in the cockpit but with a nice Merlin engine. Theres over 25 parts to build this up and it looks quite nice. I might give it a paint up and see how it looks, if its looking fine, I will overcome the poor fitment issue with the cowlings by leaving them off and exposing the engine. If its crap I'll leave it out and build up the  front without it. This is it built up ready for a prime and paint


I'll leave the exhausts off until I decide whether to install it or not. I then assembled the side walls of the cockpit


I am going to leave the canopy closed, so no need to hack out the door area, it was then time for a prime and then a coat of Vallejo RAF Internal Grey Green, or almost cockpit green.


The painting guide wanted me to paint the aft area either Dark earth or Desert Yellow (thinking desert yellow to resemble custard yellow? or would that be Dessert yellow.........:P). This didnt seem right so opted for just green everywhere. I will add some detail paint and then going by the instructions I can join the fuselage together as the cockpit slips in from underneath, Not sure how thats going to go 😄

Thats all from me for now, going off to read @Jessie_C's link in the main forum to learn a bit more on these buggers.

Stay safe all!



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17 hours ago, Jessie_C said:

Everything behind the seat bulkhead is silver lacquer.

After priming the rear fuselage in a interior green type primer I added a coat of silver type lacquer :whistle:😜


I then picked out the detail in colour ready to join the fuselage together. The blue tanks are quite bright but that is more due to the flash, you can also see some sink marks highlighted as well. There are many sink marks in this kit so I am going to pick and choose my battles with these. These ones are not too visible in reality.

I do have a question though concerning this pick


This is part B23 illustrated. The instructions doesnt show any detail but the actual item has this detail present. If I had the blank face forward then the detail would be hidden so I am guessing that the detail should be facing forward and visible if I leave the cowlings off?

Everything else is going well, just plodding on through, until next time stay safe!



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Good day all! Managed to get a little bit more done on this beastie. Seems to be going together quite well so far! The first thing was to paint the engine, I gave this a prime with grey and then a 'top coat' of Vallejo black gloss primer. From what I can gather engines seem to be mainly black all over. I think I have seen some with alluminium rocker covers or sumps but to keep everything simple I'll just keep it black. A bit later I'll add some colour and piping to give it a bit more interest.





I dont know whether to fit the prop or not yet, I will see what the general consensus is with accuracy. I think it may have some issues with being too pointy, but we will cross that bridge later.

Back to the airframe, I assembled the cockpit parts and gave them a good coating of Vallejo cockpit green, The instrument panel was painted black, a tiny splash of colour and then the dials picked out with Micro Krystal Klear (still drying in this pic)


The seat is totally the wrong shape but with the canopy closed up it shouldnt matter too much. I sprayed this with Vallejo Hull Red and varied the cover so that it looked a little bit like 'Bakelite' or whatever it was made of at the time. I fitted my spare Meteor harness and used masking tape to extend it through the frame behind the pilot. All was done and dusted so time for installation. I had already glued the fuselage together the night before but left the front bit ahead of the cockpit unglued to enable the cockpit assembly to slip in better, and it did slip in nicely!




I have noticed though that the parts dont really like my glue. I'm using Tamiya cement and the joins are prone to split after drying if i put too much pressure on them. I'm having to go back and fill the cracks with extra thin, hence the tape holding everything together! Also I havent fitted the engine bulkhead in yet. I can slip this in easily after the painting has been done, so saves me knocking off any engine mounts and the like.

Lastly for today are the wings! I was going to go on a moan about how shoddy the molding is and how poorly they fit but having seen what @Gorby and @Lost Cosmonauts have had to put up with their Starfix versions it doesnt really look too bad!  There was alot of work required removing flash and smoothing out the joints but really fit of the wings isnt too bad, a wee gap along the fuselage, but nothing a smidge of filler wont cure.


So down for the hard join and whack the tips on and see what we have ...


Not too bad but some work required on those wingtips


Nothing that some sandpaper and filler wont sort. I also had to do something with the sink marks, worse ones are just infront of the ailerons and where there is any large mass on the opposite side. Now plastered! ...


Thats where we are now, a bit more work required but still having fun! Not sure what I am going to do for the wing guns yet, exposed or closed? 🤔 dunno! But until next time, keep staying safe and keep modelling them Spats!

Laters all!


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1 hour ago, BlackMike Models said:

Actually looks like not a bad kit for it’s age and it can be picked up very cheaply too.

Duncan B

So far its not too bad at all, a couple of minor inaccuracies and alot of flash and sink marks, but with care it fits fine (touch wood!) and only cost me $24 Canadian, about 14 Quid!

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