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Afternoon Everyone :) 

Noooo, not the big chap with the Sctyhe, but rather a wild looking Chopper.

Now I'm not really one for Choppers and the like, but it was a gift from Memsahib after she saw it for sale on Facebook. I'd shown her pics of it because I've built it before when I was a yufe...

Actually it was early 1982, a few months before we moved to Johannesburg. My Aunties then boyfriend bought it for me to see if I'd like building bikes and it was probably built in the morning and I brush painted it Gloss Black and it took ages to try. (Bloody Humbrol :)


Anyhoo, I got it again a couple years ago from the Memsahib and made a start on it....


The colour I painted it, is wrong. Its meant to be dark purple, so I thought I'd get it out again, strip it down and restart it.  

I'm going to mix the dark purple from Tamiya LP Pure Metallic Red and Pure Metallic blue and see how that works out. The fit on this kit really is bad, and the details isn't really that much better, (typical 70's kit) so this should be fun. This was also released by Revell a few years back as the Freedom Chopper with some decals with it. 

Should be a laff hey :) 


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I bet that's a hoot to ride with it's rigid frame and forks.

Headstock bearings and fork yokes wouldn't last long I bet(doesn't look like a "Springer").

What engine's in it Steve? a 74 ci Knucklehead,Panhead  or a  Shovelhead?

I doubt it'll be an 82 ci Evo.

Looking at it again,I see the primary case on the left and a left side chain drive instead of a left side belt,

it's not an 82 ci Evo motor.

Rough guess(without seeing the right side of the motor) is it'll be a 74 Shovel.

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Yep, its a shovel head, probably is a 74  your right. 

It does have front suspension, not much travel but just enough so as not to break your wrists 😬

But the rear, nope its a rigid. 

Cant really find much on it, dont know if it was actually driven or it was just for show. 

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Afternoon Everyone :) 

A quick re cap then.


Used the wrong colour purple on the bike frame and tank. (hey, I cant help it, I'm colour impaired... No, that's not a woke statement, it means I cant see some colour's properly, in this case, its purple :))

The purple on the Grim Reaper is very very dark, and I had the idea of mixing Metallic Blue and Red and see if I can get close to the Dark Purple.

I was faffing with some other paints that I'm getting ready for another when I found this...


Its only the actual proper colour the real bike was painted... (yeeees I know, Car paint on a Bike, but it was the 70's, they lived dangerously like that :)

A lot of work ahead.... I started by rubbing down the old colour and once that was nice and flat, I gave it a primer coat, and once that was settled I gave it a coat of flat black (Tamiya LP Flat Black) 


This is definately a child of the 70's. The frame is in 2 halves, tank included, 

Once that is all dried out, Ill give it, its first coat of Purple :) 





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34 minutes ago, Gorby said:

Good work but it looks nothing like the instructions. Where does the turret go? :smiling:

That's for the second option in the kit; a special forces version they tried to interest the US Army with. It didn't work out.

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