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Hi Gang,

I've got some shallow panel lines to give some more definition to. The problem is they are inspection panels, etc, on a wing. So they are round / oval shapes and even at 1/24 scale fairly small. There's enough definition to get a needle to drag round in a pin vice, but it's just tearing at the plastic. I've got various line scribers, but none iwll go round a corner very well. 

Has anyone got any recommendations for tool / technique that can help?



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Would be good to know if there is a tool for scribing circular panels. 
I try to be patient, not apply too much pressure and keep the pin vertical as much as possible.
Try being the operative word.  

The smaller the panel line and/or the more it deviates from the orthogonal, the harder I seem to push in the needle :( 


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I do have the ideal tool although it won't help you as It's homemade - a bit of a JLC razor saw blade broke off and it works perfectly.

Before that I used to use the back of a scalpel blade - just drag the blade backwards at a 90 degree angle.

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