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Y-wing fighter

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My wife put this together over a few hours and there's a review of the kit in the review section. It's bandai's 1/144 Scale and it's a beautiful kit 20180908_183404.thumb.jpg.52d3a5a3c6d72994daa32fcc88899d13.jpg20180908_183354.thumb.jpg.5c2e6d5de9ff75ccc3359a1f86961a56.jpg20180908_183348.thumb.jpg.b29f47860b522693225a7dc05d1873d8.jpg20180908_183343.thumb.jpg.3135aa21a93cfdc26665148572afc00d.jpg20180908_183337.thumb.jpg.4015b3a631fb86874cd389f7c7a09dc5.jpg

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whoa! That's awesome on multiple different levels. None less than the fact you have a wife who will model with you - that's awesome!! I am so envious

Great paint job too I must say! The wash is just right

Well done

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