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A look at what's in the box









The kit gives markings for 'yellow 10' and 'blue 11' which are the 8th and 9th flying aircraft.

They are almost a hybrid aircraft having the Lyul'ka AL21F turbojet engines  of the first two prototypes but with aerodynamic improvements such as splayed out fins and two wing fences . Strange really as T10-3 and -4 had already flown with the AL31F turbofan engines intended for production.

The kit gives the option of two canopies ,one open and other closed but both have the housing for the IRST ball moulded in meaning some sanding and polishing if building T10-1 or 2.

The decal sheet only gives one Sukhoi knight but photos I have show one on each side. Decal appears slightly large but that's just a first opinion.

Flutter weights on fins and tail planes are moulded on and are easily removed for the early days of T10-1. 

Two wing fences are provided but if building T10-1 you'll need to scratch another two. 

These were totally removed when it was found they interfered with the airflow from the LERX.

Photo etch to supply details for cockpit and wheel wells and canopy masks supplied too.

Colour schemes for the two aircraft are for in use and as in museum. I don't think it flew with the Ukraine markings but am open to correction on that.

Overall looks very nice and I'm pleased that we now have a mainstream early Flanker.

This drawing shows how the T10-1 etc compares to the Su-27.


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