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Revell 1/32 LS 8t

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Calling this done. Revell 1/32 LS 8-t. 1st thing to say is this is a great kit. Goes together with no fuss. I Did, however, have a couple of mishaps which were entirely down to me. Firstly, I managed to break the wingtip off twice. The joins are delicate, and you do need to take great care with them... which I didn't!! And secondly, I also managed to snap the struts carrying the engine. Easily fixed, but they're extremely fragile now.
As with the F-15 I recently finished, I'm not really happy with the finished build. But it was just a quick mojo restorer, so it'll do.


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What a novel idea,a glider with a pop-up engine(shows what I know about gliders eh),I can see there's mileage in that idea.

Nice one Al,it looks pretty darn good to me.

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