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T-72A Indian Army - 1/35 Trumpeter

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Hi all. Finally some updates. 


The turret is quite literally festooned with this tiny PE discs, so it took time putting them all on. 


The Gunner's optic went on. Nice PE piece. 


The thermal (I think) again with many PE discs. 


The thermals fitted. Smoke dischargers also went on. These too are a distinctive feature of the T-72A/M1 series. Last but not least, the coaxial PKT went on. It's the tank version of the PKM or Pika. 

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Thanks for the kind words guys. 

Some further work has been done. 


The gunner's hatch. Properly complicated item, I wonder if Trumpeter is doing this to me because I'm Indian? 


Gunner's hatch in place, the hatch to the right is for ejecting shell casings after firing because these things don't have a loader to chuck them out. (Autoloader system) 


The mantlet cover is in a sort of resin material. The metal ring is what is used to secure it in place on the real thing (it's canvas in real life) 


Mantlet cover in place, along with the IR spotlight, it's bracket and the linkages that ensure that it stays coaxial. This is because these old tanks used active IR, which was basically an IR sight in conjunction with an IR spotlight, hence the need for it to be coaxial. 


The rear stowage bin and snorkel. The snorkel goes into the small hatch on the gunner's hatch and is used in deep fording operations. 


Mounted on along with spare 12.7mm belt box. 

A meme I saw (yes I hear your groans, but come on... just one) 


Phir milenge

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Further work. The building stage is nearing the end. 


The barrel of 125mm 2A46M was made. Awesome gun it is. 


The commander's hatch was made. It too has a case of metal measles. 

The Nikitin-Sokolov HMG (known to you as NSVT) is a sub kit in itself. 


The sight unit (3 parts) 


The pintle mount of. The machine gun. Also a complex assembly. 


Finally, the NSVT itself is attached. 


The commander's hatch and NSVT were attached to the turret. 


The left side stowage bin was made up. 


And attached. 

Little more building to do, then onto paint. 


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Ok. The build stage is over (except for a few minor things). 


The right side stowage bin. Neat little item


Mounted on. 


A front 3/4 view of the tank.


Side view

The fenders are not glued, as I have to take the running gear off to paint it. 


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The painting stage is done. Next up is the weathering. Apologies if the colours look too bright, as the pictures were taken in bright sun. Also apologies to you Brits for showing bright sunlight, when what you get is an anemic yellow. 







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7 hours ago, Vaastav said:

Also apologies to you Brits for showing bright sunlight, when what you get is an anemic yellow. 

Brits yearn for anaemic yellow because that means it's a warm summer day - it happens about three or four time each year. We are normally used to various shades of grey. Not fifty shades of grey you understand - we're British after all. :no:

The tanky thing is looking even better now it's all dolled-up.

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Thanks for the kind words guys. I'm depicting this tank as one that's in Rajasthan, where it's mostly desert, so not a lot of mud, but definitely lots of dust. 

Again apologies to Brits for giving them a decade's quota of sun in a few pictures. 

Making this was fun and it won't be the last T tank I make (of course I will make more, they're my favorite) 





Stay tuned, next up is Apache, which will be in the In Progress, flying items

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1 hour ago, Gorby said:

Excellent addition to your ever expanding collection of tanky things.

How many completed tanks have you got now?

Thank you Gorbs. By my calculation, I have 11 completed tanks, 8 military vehicles, 3 planes and 2 cars. 

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