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IBG Models 1/72 Diamond T 969 Wrecker.

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IBG Models 1/72 Diamond T 969 Wrecker.



As I know bugger all about this vehicle and think it's an exercise in futility repeating here what you can easily find elsewhere, I'll send you down the Wiki rabbit hole.



Only three sprues, but they are all crammed full of tiny bits. If fact the bits are so small it looks like it wouldn't be possible to make a truck out of them.






This is a brand new kit, so why is it damaged?

It must be a manufacturing fault. There are six number 24 wheels of which, one is quite badly damaged, two only slightly duff and three that are fine. Although even the good ones have white-ish lines around the holes which look like stress lines to me. I seem to recall that @DC3 has some experience in this moulding lark, maybe he can explain it.


Fortunately the back four wheels of the truck are doubled up and these are the inside wheels which means the damage will be almost, if not completely hidden. Two of them are stored on the back as spare wheels and there is enough good'uns to cope with that.

Also, notice on the four number '23', that some of the holes haven't been punched though. These will be on full view as they are the outer of the rear wheels. The same is true for the two number '22' which are the front wheels. Probably won't be very noticeable when the model is weathered and/or if you use a dark wash on them. All the same, it's something IBG need to sort out.

Aside from that, generally the moulding looks excellent and some of the detail puts Tamiya to shame – an engine in 1/72 and separate doors so that you can have them open if you want to. It's often bugged me that Tamiya sometimes doesn't have that in 1/48 kits.

There isn't any photo etch with this kit, so some of the parts, like the engine fan, which would have been ideal for PE are a bit of a chunky-chappie in plastic. The transparencies are on a small sheet of film. Not sure how robust the film will be when it comes to masking. There is also a small loop of thread for the cables.


The instructions look really good although these aren't in colour - the paint thingamajig is on the front and rather than showing the paints for half the paint brands in existence as IBG sometimes do, for this kit there is only one brand shown: Vallejo - both Model Air & Model Color. Odd.



The instructions aren't as long as the Scammell so I've taken time out from my nap very busy schedule to show you every page. As you can see it's the photographic 3D computer image type rather than the usual line diagram. The model looks more detailed than some 1/35 kits I've seen.










There is even a rigging diagram for the breakdown/wrecker kits.



My only criticisms (other than the mangled wheels) is there is only one scheme on offer – all over boring green. When I first saw that this was the only option available, the kit went to the bottom of my to-do list. :sad:


Now it's gone significantly higher up the list as after a bit of Googalising I saw this civil one:


It's got to be more interesting than green, green and more greeeeeen.


If you want a 1/72 Diamond truck, you'll want one of this IBG range – partly because there isn't anything else that you're going to find without a month on Google and a well padded wallet, and partly because it's a lovely looking kit as well as being a bargain (I paid just over £10). Other than the wrecker, they have two cargo trucks:



One dump truck:


And an asphalt tank...and where would you be without an asphalt tank?



If you want to see what mine turned out like:


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Nice one Mark.
Was thinking that some of them must have been demobbed and wore civvie clobber.  

Saw the Crusader AA kit built up on Facebook today so the Tank Transporter and the AA tank are on my lust list! xD 

Edit: Ooh I forgot about the asphalt truck!  It's on my Hannants wish list! lol

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12 hours ago, Walrus said:

Was thinking that some of them must have been demobbed and wore civvie clobber.  

If only I could find some of the others in civil clothes, but for some unfathomable reason there isn't many civil tanks or tank transporters.

It's a mystery. 😕

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11 minutes ago, Mad Steve said:

Civilianised military equipment you say..... https://www.militarytrader.com/military-vehicles

Still very greeeeeen though. Where are all the purples and pink spots? 


7 minutes ago, Walrus said:

And some more

Oooooh, I do like Stubby Gus.

I've also got the Chevrolet C60S Breakdown truck and although it's got two paint options… they are both all over bloody green. I couldn't find any of them in civil clothes. :sad:

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14 minutes ago, Mad Steve said:

I must be honest, i dont think ive ever seen a CMP Chevy in civilian pyjamas.

I don't mind doing a military one, but I'd prefer one that is a bit more interesting than one shade of green. So I might just end up doing camo or dream up a non existent civil paint job. 

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27 minutes ago, phoenix54 said:

As you don't seem to like green,

Don't get me wrong, I like green, but nothing but green is a bit boring. I want something that's going to make me think “How am I going to do that” rather than fall asleep at the airbrush. :sleeping:

I do like that tank. Is it a T-34?

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Having started the kit I've found that all of the wheels are significantly worse than I first thought – there are two more extra problems. The four number 23 (The rear outer wheels) have a very significant moulding fault all the way around the inner rim.



It's a bit clearer in this photo:



Also, all of the tyres have this ridge in the side wall:


Looking at photos of the real jobbies there seems to be a faint line, but it doesn't look like a significant ridge. I can live with this as I'm not sure if it will be that noticeable and also because sanding it down will remove some of the detail on the side of the tread and filling would be difficult and very time consuming.

I am currently writing and email to IBG Models about the wheel problems I've encountered to see if they can help.

There is no point returning as I've already started the kit to see if I could solve one issue only to notice other problems later. Also this is obviously a moulding fault so a replacement would probably be the same.

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3 minutes ago, Jessie_C said:

Insert a strip of plastic rolled into a ring?

That is a possibility if the fault was a concave ring, but some of it is convex and will be a bugger to remove.

I've done a couple of hours work on the wheels and and then thought "Why the hell am I doing this?" I've sent an email to IBG and I'll see what their reply is before I conciser what I do next.   

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