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Royal Navy WW2 Camouflage Designs

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On 9th April 1942, the Admiralty published Confidential Admiralty Fleet Order 679 entitled "Sea-Going Camouflage Designs for Destroyers and Small Ships" which described the principles of camouflage, the appropriate use of standardised camouflage paints and how they were to be used. Furthermore, details are given on how to conceal shadow by use of counter shading. It was particularly noteworthy in that it contained no fewer than 50 colour illustrations of approved, standardised camouflage designs for many classes of small ships in categories of Western Approaches, Light Admiralty type and Dark Admiralty type designs. Following the renotation and rationalisation of standardised paints, which were officially promulgated in Admiralty Fleet Order 2105/43 in April of 1943, the Admiralty produced as a Confidential Book a revised camouflage manual, recycling much of the material in CAFO 679/42 but for use with the new B&G series paints. This new publication, CB3098/43 was issued in May 1943 one month after the new paint colour palette was issued. Like its predecessor, CB3098/43 contained a multitude of standardised camouflage designs for application to small ships using the new paints. Sovereign Hobbies Ltd is about to make both documents available with digitally reproduced illustrations using the very latest information available on the Royal Navy's WW2 paint colours. 



A practical example of the Light Admiralty type Hunt class destroyer design shown on CAFO679/42 plate 54 is HMS Chiddingfold, of which the Imperial War Museum holds good quality photographs of both port and starboard side demonstrating the symmetrical application of the pattern as described in the fleet order text.



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