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Paul Fitzmaurice

Smallspace 7 - 1st July 18 MK19 7NZ starts 10:00

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Seventh running of the show.  The focus this year is on Blake's 7  40th Anniversary  & 2001's 50th.

The back room will be crammed for of original & some replica props from the series, plus a replica flight deck.

We have a few guests this year.  

For the first time we have an actor, rather than the back room boys:  Michael Keating - Vila in Blake's 7

Roger Murray-Leach - Set and production designer for Blake's 7 and designer of the Liberator

Piers Bizony -Author of the difinitive book on 2001 - Filming the Future

Simon Atkinson who produced a number of the colour plates for the book and built the Prison ship London for Blake's 7

As well as Mike Tucker of the Model Unit.

Lots of model, props and replica props on display. 

Lots of traders...including

Century Castings

Timeless Hobbies,


Mooncrest Models, 

Martyn Lawrence - Film posters

Fantasy Relms

Antares Concepts

Tirydium Models

Chris Harding

Studio2 Models

Plus loads of model displays and mobile displays outside.., Daleks plus probably an R2D2 and a MechaGodzilla to keep children of all ages entertained.

Adult entry is £5 and includes a free Tea or coffee.

All profits go to the charity that runs the hall.

More info on the website: www.hamex.co.uk or the facebook page smallspace show






Chris Harding



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