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Mike Echo 1

DIY Workbench Mini Vac Cleaner with Trap

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Got sick and tired of removing all tools etc just to access the sawdust, shavings, etc for cleaning.

When I was in the RAAF, we (Avionics Technicians) had a vacuum inlet on the workbench. A small diameter hose was attached for sucking up small foreign matter. We made our own traps at the inlet. These would stop anything we accidentally sucked up, like a small screw. Today, I made myself such a device. It attached to my vacuum cleaner.


Tested it on kitchen breadboard. The bread crumbs are on the bottom of the jar.

PS. The smaller suction tube is really for small stuff like dust, and filings. It is especially good for reaching into difficult confined areas.
PSS. Can use this to suck up, or grasp something small that has fallen into your model. It it gets sucked into tube, don't worry, it will end up in the trap. 
PSSS. Best to empty trap regularly. Otherwise you will have a hard time sorting out what you lost in the collected rubbish.

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