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Bristol F.2b Fighter Wingnut Wings 1/32 ****FINISHED****

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This will be my 3rd build for the RAF 100th Anniversary GB.  It will be my seventh WnW kit but the first 2 seater I have tried, all that rigging has kept me on the single seaters until now - wish me luck!

I shall be building it straight from the box in the night fighter scheme "The Mahararajah of Bahabur" from 39 Squadron in 1918







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I thought I would start with the engine on this build, actually step 11 in the instructions but it is almost a self contained mini kit in itself so doing it out of step is no problem.

It is straight from the box and since I will be having all of the cowlings in place will be largely out of sight on the finished build.








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Yesterday I was mainly painting wood.  Tamiya 59 and 68 undercoat, couple of coats of Klear and then some raw umber oil paint spread on top with an old stiff paint brush. I shall leave this to dry for a few days before cracking on with the cockpit so I shall have to find some other areas to work on in the meantime. The attachment points for the struts were such that they had to be removed from the sprue before painting and I made a strut holder out of pieces of wood that should be useful for future builds as well.














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The one item I am not happy with in the kit is the pilots wicker seat which needs thinning from the back very carefully in order to get a see through effect.  Unfortunately I was not careful enough and eventually just removed the whole centre section and rebuilt it with small pieces of stretched sprue. The result is not as good as the resin replacements available but much better than I had originally. 







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Progress so far this week does not look much, apart from getting the fuselage together I have been manufacturing eyelets and brass sleeves for the rigging as well as working out where all the rigging actually goes.   Eyelets are made from fine wire and the sleeves from Albion Alloys 0.6mm brass tubing with an internal diameter of 0.4mm.  I think I have made about 200 of each, far more than I will hopefully need for this build but I am trying to build up a stock of them for later builds such as the Fe2b and Felixstowe.





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Some progress and a lesson in how tight the tolerances are on these WnW kits.  Having fitted the engine fire wall to the front of the fuselage I tried to insert the engine bearers which slide in from the front. They are very tight fits, so much so that they stuck half way in and not wanting to push them further I started to pull them out. However despite there being no glue present they were stuck fast and the engine firewall came away. Fortunately nothing is broken and a positive is that I now have access again to the front of the cockpit which will make anchoring a couple of the rigging lines much easier.

I have covered all the ribs etc with strips of thin masking tape and will start some pre shading this evening. I am off to Germany again this Sunday so not much will get done next week but hopefully I can get most of the paint on before I go.

I have also been doing some more planning for the rigging, something you have to do from the start with these builds. I think I now know where all of the lines go, just need to work out how I am going to attach a few of the control cables now.



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