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Tamiya 1/12 Porsche 910

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I wasn't happy with the scale of the kit supplied fuel lines (nearly double the size they should have been at just over 1mm (the actual lines are a tad over 6mm)

The only photo ref I have atm is this


I know they are metal in the pic but back then they were clear nylon because they were lighter than metal ones but when they added more ethanol to modern fuel they started to fail (the nylon ones that is) and so modern cars have metal, anyway I've gone of subject metal ones is the only ref I have atm and the nylon ones were a tad smaller so the kit ones are definitely over scale.

I stretched the kit ones which made them thinner.


I've done some weathering on the engine as well and added a few ancillary parts.


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OK so a little bit of added detail (and it is little)

Take a piece of solder and flatten it.


Cut into 7mm lengths paint the tip satin black put a couple of bends in it, repeat 12 times and you have sparkplug retaining clips.


Take some heat shrink tubing cut into 2mm lengths


Add to end of plug leads and you have plug caps



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