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The Northern Model Show, 3rd June

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The next venue for the comedic travelling model shop that is BlackMike Models is at the Northern Model Show on Sunday the 3rd June at The Parks Sports Centre, Howdon Road, North Shieids. This show is in it's 31st year, which is quite impressive, and is hosted by IPMS Tyneside.

The venue is easy to find located 5 minutes off the A19 (or 2.5 minutes if Steve is driving). Opening time is 9.30 and the show closes at 4.30 so why not come along and have a right good laugh at the most unlikely model salesmen you are ever likely to meet and take a look at the other stuff too if you want to!

Duncan B (the other guy has the short, fat, hairy legs, I'm the funny one!)

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I can safely say that the Northern Model Show was a cracker, I had a lot of fun and am looking forward to going back next year. A really well organised and friendly show with lots of stuff to see and natural lighting in the Competition Area provided by lots of windows (now there is a novelty).

The only down side was the air conditioning in the hall didn't appear to be working and it got very warm. I thought I had been smart and packed a spare 'work' polo shirt just in case I got all hot and bothered setting up (which I did) so was surprised to find that I could barely get the fresh polo shirt over my head (imagine an over weight geezer stripped off to the waist in the carpark with his head stuck in a T shirt, cursing loudly while showing off his farmer's suntan and you've got the picture but you may now need therapy to remove that image). How I (didn't) laugh when I saw that I had packed Mrs B's instead of another one of mine so that explains why I looked like I had been sleeping in a ditch the night before the show for anyone that saw me hiding behind the tables all day.

The Northern Model Show is not to be missed if this year's show was to go by, well done to IPMS Tyneside for making it such a good show.

Duncan B

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