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Monogram/Hasegawa 1/25 Porsche 904

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Hi all added some of the masking for the white stripe.


The engine in the kit is the 4 cam engine the one in the workshop is the 904/6 which is what I'm supposed to be basing this on 


I don't think I can modify the 4 cam engine into a 6 cylinder boxer engine  so I suppose I will have to try scratch building one 🤔 not sure my skills are up to that but we will see, and there I was thinking this would be an easy build:banghead:

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Hi all sorry for the lack of posts but life gets in the way sometimes, it's been quite hectic of late and now swmbo wanted the hot tub back out which required fixing the gazebo, which I started  thursday and partially tore my bicep in the process.

What that means is if the job requires me lifting my arm at more than waist hight it is absolute agony so things may still be slow.

Anyway I made a start on scratch building the flat six engine for this, it's very crude but painting can help disguise a lot (hopefully)



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Hi all more work scratch building the 6 cylinder engine (sorry its not that great , wish I was working on 1/8) also added some pics of the 4cylinder engine that comes with the kit my pathetic attempt at depicting the one we have in the workshop doesn't do it justice but it's the best my meager abilities can do.

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OK so  I tested the scratch build 6 cylinder engine for the 904 only to find it didn't fit, then I suddenly realised why, I was copying a 1/24 engine and of course the 904 is 1/25. What sort of idiot does that. So back to the drawing board (still the 4 cam engine that comes with the kit fits ok)



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