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Focke Wulf 190 a4

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So I've decided to start this at last as some of you will remember I reviewed it here 

And I'm going to be adding a few of the extras the brassin pit and engine with nose guns. Nothing to see at the mo as I'm busy chopping resin and a bit of base coating at the moment. 

I'll be doing a JG 2 bird and using Sean from top notch masks for the camo and Balkankreuz. 


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If the phone rings when aligning  the firewall do not under any circumstances answer it.

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Ah yes and if the doorbell goes with the local constabulary? :D

This is a new tool mate so I have high hopes 

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Right. now that the lightning and Pfalz are out of the way we come to this. It's been hanging around for a while while I plucked up the courage to do the resin. 

Mask? Check 

Razor saw? Check 

Patience? Erm we'll see 

Started with eduard s pit and at this point I have to say I followed Brett greens lead on hyperscale the pit was sprayed tamiya XF63 German grey and left a couple of days to dry. Then I've seen this elsewhere as well as Brett and Roy Sutherland used it as well I mixed 50% Klear and water with a few drops of acrylic black paint 

Then the fun began

20180527_151639.thumb.jpg.99f1debf9d93364553859bf12c64a66a.jpg20180527_151651.thumb.jpg.dd1a18e4e14a2cb116650910c0944b4d.jpg20180527_151658.thumb.jpg.bef24ec946b4fe9847078e22b2406a58.jpgThe canopy handle is 2 pieces of resin with a piece of PE inbetween 

Then I moved onto the seat and rudder pedals. The seat is lovely and I painted the pad with lifecolour dark shadow, washed it and then dry brushed with lifecolour flesh base 2 and I have to say I'm impressed with how it came out 


Then of course it all got covered with the steel seat belts 


Last but not least the rudder pedals hmmm 

3 pieces of PE per pedal these were interesting to say the least and finally the instrument panel was done. 



So Eduards resin pit is lovely and I can report (even though I haven't taken any pics) that it fits like a glove. It offered an extra level of finesse over the plastic but I'm not sure if I would do it again as the plastic with PE in the box is pretty good too. 

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