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Red Arrows Airfix 1:72 and Extras.

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This is another aircraft I think of when someone mentions the RAF. Many years ago whilst still at school a friend mentioned the Red Arrows were going to be at the Rochester airshow so we cycled over to Rochester airfield, a round trip of about 12 miles, and stood by the Gypsy Moth pub and watched the airshow. I've seen the Red Arrows several times since but I always remember that first time seeing them. I will be building one of the Airfix Red Arrrows kits and using Eduard Photo Etch for the Hawk T1.





Cheers Andy


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2 hours ago, Grunhertz said:

Great choice Andy. Are you going to paint the white stripes underneath or use the decals? 

I've not even thought that far ahead yet Darren, I have a feeling you know something I don't,

Cheers Andy

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The first thing I realised when I started this is the quality of the moulding is not very good. Both Ejector Seats had holes in the Head Rest area, and there was some mis-moulding and flash present as well. I cleaned up the Seats and then put some C.A. gel in the holes. I left it for a week and then filed them down and once painted they both look fine. Both Seats were then glued to the Cockpit Floor and the whole thing painted a light grey. Once dry I then painted both Seats dark grey as per the instructions. I first fitted the P.E. Rudder Pedal bases and then added the backs which needed folding and a curve lip making.







I have spent the rest of this afternoon fitting more P.E. parts to both Seats.







Cheers Andy

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I have continued adding more detail to the Cockpit area, some of the P.E. is pre-glued, it was a bit of a pain cutting it from the fret and cleaning up the edges, kept sticking to the back of the metal rule that I cut things on and then to the tweezers that I use to hold the part whilst removing any burrs, the one thing it wouldn't stick to is the painted plastic on the Cockpit :brickwall:.






Cheers Andy

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I finished fitting the Seat Belts, the instructions show the shoulder straps hooked on the side of the head rest of the seat but when I tried this the Belts didn't seem to hang right so I have left them hanging down with the ends on the seat. I fitted the Control Sticks and then painted them. I am surprised that the Throttle Levers are not part of the P.E. set so I will have a go at making them from left over P.E. scratch building now as well. The 2 Instrument Panels needed some thought, the backing parts have to be stuck to the kit's plastic parts, which then need to be modified before the front part is fitted. It took a while to get it done but the end result is worth it. These Instrument Panels have now been fitted.








Cheers Andy

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On 19/07/2018 at 13:28, Muttley said:

Loving the build, the extras are fab! (am taking tips)


Thanks Muttley

I've just returned from my annual migration south, a fantastic week in Salzburg hiking and Vienna, enjoying lots of Apple Struedel and the local beverages,



and a few days in Kent including a morning's visit to the RAF Manston museum and the Hornby museum shop, photos of that to be posted when I get chance to sort through them all. I took the Hawk to Kent and spent some time sitting in the sun in my Parent's back garden working on said aircraft. Now that the Cockpit was complete I dry fitted it into one side of the Fuselage, I needed to trim the rear Bulkhead slightly and then it was glued in place and then the other Fuselage side was fitted.



I then turned my attention to the rear Instrument Panel cover. This is P.E. that is bent to shape, I do find the Eduard steel coloured etch to be a lot harder to cut and bend. It took quite a bit of work to get this to the correct shape and even longer to get the kit's plastic IP cover chopped up and shaped to fit at the front of this cover. This has been the hardest part of this build and took several hours to get done.






Sharp eyed viewers will notice that I have managed to knock off part of the rear Seat Belts which will be refitted before I put the Canopy on. I decided to move onto the front Wings, the lower part of the Wings is in one piece and needs to have the Wheel Bay detail removed first,




The P.E. Wheel Bay detail was then fitted, and then the 2 upper Front Wings were glued on, there is a slight gap due to the P.E. part but I'll tidy that up later.



I fitted the Wing Actuators and then following Darren's advice I sprayed the lower Wing white using Halfords plastic primer.

Cheers Andy


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A short update on this build. I have been adding parts to the Under Carriage, I started by making up the P.E. Under Carriage Doors and after I had made them realised that the one's that attach to the Under Carriage Legs were not the correct ones for this version so I ended up using the kit's plastic ones.


Once I had the underneath finished it was time to spray the whole aircraft. Fortunately Saturday turned out to be sunny so I was able to get out side and do some spraying. I used a can of red enamel from B & Q and it looks a good enough match. The aircraft is now sitting in my display cabinet in the conservatory and I'll leave it a few days to let the paint harden before I get with finishing it.

One very red aircraft




Cheers Andy

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On 28/08/2018 at 21:56, Muttley said:

Looking grand, I like the red, looks just about right

Re the undercarriage doors, how far off were they? would anyone notice? (I know you would)

The Undercarriage Doors are about 2mm too wide. Had I realised earlier I could have adjusted the gap on the lower Wing but I had already glued the Wing to the Fuselage, not to worry though. I have had some real fun and games with the decals on the underneath this weekend. I took notice of Darren's warning about the Wing Flap Actuators and sprayed the underneath white and then masked off the Flaps and Actuators before spraying the red. On hindsight I would have been better leaving the 2 inboard Actuators off of both Wings, spraying the red, and fitting the decal white arrow,and then fitting the inboard Actuators that were painted before being fitted. The fact that I have the Undercarriage lowered also added to the problems. A combination of cut up white decal and hand brushed white paint, and numerous hours over the weekend has resulted in a half decent looking white arrow, I still need to touch up the red paint in a couple of places, fortunately apart from the picture below, no one else will see the underneath.




Cheers Andy

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7 hours ago, Grunhertz said:

Looks like you nailed it Andy nice one 

Thanks Darren, you were right about the Actuators. It was probably the hardest bit of decal work I have had to do, I don't know how a newcomer to the hobby would manage it especially without decal softening and setting agents,

Cheers Andy

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