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So here is Roden’s 1/144th VC10 K3. Everybody looked forward to them, and it looks like a VC10, but there are number of problems with my example. Nothing too difficult, just annoying.

The moldings are generally nice and crisp, but there is quite a bit of flash and some of the commendably thin trailing edges are as a result of being ‘short shot’. A few windows also have broken surrounds due to short shots. The panel lines also seem a lot deeper on the wings, engines and fin than they are on the fuselage.

The masks for all 105 windows are very welcome and all the locating points for aero surfaces and the engines are nice and positive, though filler is required.

As it is going to be in-flight, refuelling a couple of Tornados, I have put a vertical carbon fibre tube in the fuselage, just aft of the wing, ready for mounting on a carbon fibre rod.

So on with the build. Windows in and masked.


Fin and engines attached. Engine mounts a good tight fit, but quite a bit of filler required for the fin.


Cockpit glazing filled, and the wing joints.



Starting to really look the part now.



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Most pictures show the cockpit area to be a lighter shade of grey, so trying a bit of pre-shading with some white around the cockpit.


Looking this close (phone photo so not the best) I have swamped the pre-shading with a bit too much top coat – but the reason for the photo is that horrible sticky mess on the window! All but 10 of the kit supplied masks left almost their entire glue layer on the window. Grrr!

  AND, there is some decal silvering to sort out….


Still, as several helpful people at the Salisbury show pointed out, Isopropanol did the trick. Thanks for the advice peeps.






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Finally figured out how to make the hose and drogue. The hose was straight forward – 0.8mm brass rod bent to shape and inserted into a plug of 2mm diameter plastic rod. The drogue webbing, after a few iterations, is made from flat section copper strips, superglued to the plastic plug. The circular end of the drogue was made from the left over VC10 main wheels. I filed off the tread area and drilled out the middle to end up with something that looked about right.


Once the Tornados were finally done, I could take it out in the sunshine and get some photos.

Here are all three on the base:


And here are the “in-flight” shots:





I quite enjoyed my first foray, for a long time, into 1/144 and am quite pleased with the outcome. As a result, I have at least two other air-to-air refuelling dios in mind, though they will be in 1/72.

Thanks for looking.



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