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1/350 HMS Imperial D09

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Armed with sketch (which is about half right) I went ahead and painted on the rest of the base colours tonight:



I just used a more-or-less mirror image for the starboard side.






Now to get on with the rest of the detailing and some more subtle colour work.

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In the immortal words of Britney Spears: "Opps! I did it again"

Having already committed to upgrading the Vickers 0.5in quad machine guns with Tetra Model Works items, I mentally justified upgrading the rest of the weapons with some MicroMaster designed parts 3D printed by Shapeways.



Some close-ups (not that good, because this is just a camera phone).

The 4.7in QF Mk.IX guns



And 21in pentad torpedo tubes


A bit of a luxury item, for sure, and particularly given the eye-watering price of 3D printed parts. This certainly won't become a habit, and I for one am not worried about 3D printing supplanting other means of model making any time soon!

The Shapeways site recommends against enamels and advocates acrylic paints. That's only because they're not cured when sent out from Shapeways though. I have proven previously that Colourcoats dries perfectly fine on the 3D printed frosted plastics offered by Shapeways, and all that is required to ensure that happens reliably is a bit more UV curing time. Hence, the new parts are now sat in the sunshine and I will paint them tomorrow afternoon or Sunday, depending on how my weekend pans out.  :thumbs_up_1: 

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18 minutes ago, sovereignhobbies said:

Sadly yes. These teeny weeny little bits cost over £40! 😮

Woah!!!!!! It's great for prototyping but not for mass production 

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Today I started a little weathering, not that it's especially apparent now that I have reviewed the photographs. Still, it's easier to add more than to take away excess!



To ensure the 3D printed bits got a good long soak in the sun's UV light, I have avoided them today and instead had (yet) another attempt at something I have never succeeded in before; a sea base. I've seen several people who can do them really well, and hundreds if not thousands who, well, don't. I am in the latter camp!

I have started this time with an 18" by 6" slab of pink styrofoam from the garage, which has been tortured into an approximate sea swell shape with a flap wheel in an electric drill. This was then sanded with one of Infini Model's nifty new sanding sponges and a ship-shaped hole cut out of the middle with an Xacto blade (I normally use Swann Morton scalpels but the Xacto blade was longer and could thus cut deeper).



I painted it with PVA glue, then laid on tissue paper separated into single leafs, which was brushed on with a little water



Once that dried, I checked the ship still fitted in the hole before adding any colour, and brushed on a generous coat of Windsor and Newton acrylic gloss gel medium



HMS Imperial was in the Mediterranean for the time period I'm interested in and indeed sunk at Crete, and the Med is quite a warm and sunny place for the most part.



Looking through paints I had here, I happened across an old tin of Revell enamel that was quite deep and very blue. Not knowing what it was nor having any plans for it, I used it for the base colour of the water. Some WEM-era Colourcoats RN21 B30 with its torquoise appearance has served for toning around the hull. Once dried, I'll do some of that cotton stuff with more acrylic gloss gel for white water.



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I have gone ahead and sawn the barrels of the very expensive 3D printed guns. The barrels were not a credit to the breaches.


I drilled each of them with a 0.5mm drill and inserted the turned brass barrels with a droplet of medium CA which gripped immediately. The 3D printed stuff drills really well if anyone is interested...


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Hi Andy,


Thanks! That's that W&N gloss gel that's shining nicely there. I think I may have issues with the combination of colours used. It'll only look ok outdoors on a bright sunny day. It needs the sun to light up the ship to pull off that deep blue water look. In shade I don't think it works very well.

Still, I like to take stuff out doors to look occassionally. The model may suffer from S.A.D. in winter though :D

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