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Gimmie Shelter

Great White Maneater - Pegasus Hobbies

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Impressive photo isn't it...?




Feeling inspired to get on and complete my incomplete Great White Shark and Dive Cage Diorama kit by this recent photo I found on the National Geographic  web pages, I decided to knuckle down and get this off the bench at last - you have probably seen it kicking around in the background of my workshop in my other WIP photos of my star wars models wondering what or if it will ever get any further into my intended diorama.

The kit has plenty of potential however most builders seem to have built it as supplied with the diver in the cage on a display stand, with the shark circling or attacking using one of the 2 optional / different supplied heads, as a free-standing under water theme display.

I wanted to get the most from the box contents and did not want to waste to unused spare head. I also wanted to make this an action packed diorama and settled on a theme whereby the spare head (dormant jawed shark) could be used pushing itself upward from within the invaded shark cage, pushing the cage up and out of the water by force, the diver having fled the cage by the top trap door, and then being immediately snapped up by the model of the shark using the head with the fully opened and biting jaw. I am hoping that this diorama will best demonstrate the might and power of the great white shark.

Blood splattering fun...

The Diver had to have his arms and legs moved around to get the look of being thrown around as opposed to treading water while submerged.

A short run (and now hard to find and quite expensive) kit from Pegasus Hobbies, well worth every penny paid around 2 years ago - get one while you can if it appeals to you - it has lots of potential for the diorama builder or simply if you want to try something different for a change.

There is still lots to do and the pictures below are not the most up to date; I will ensure to add a few more soon but the divers face and hair is now painted since taking the last pictures here, and there is a much larger water splash around the leaping shark which I have left to dry before adding the spray effects onto tonight.

So what Blood Group are you.......!!!









































































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The shark head coming through the cage with the silhouette below works really well. Should come with a 'graphic violence' warning! 

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Plenty of fun and great skills on show. You have really shown how to get best value for money out of this kit.

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Love it. I love Shark's too! Natural born killer's :) And a brilliant diorama too! A work of art :)

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