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Pioneer Aviation visit..

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I got to go along to Pioneer Aviation the other evening for a look through their workshop / Hanger at the stuff they are currently working on. 

Pioneer are based at Ardmore which is South of Auckland NZ. It’s the hub of Warbird stuff in NZ and the centre of a lot of the Warbird restoration business. The recent Mosquitos were rebuilt at AVSpecs also at Ardmore. And the Bristol Freighter now back in Bristol was sitting in a paddock here for ages.

Anyhow Pioneer are P40 experts having restored. Around 1/3 of the current Aircraft flying. But they work in other stuff in this case a P-39...

The hanger is incredibly busy...


currently the P-39 is getting its cockpit fitout and the engine bay.

one wing is on....

The other....


is complete and waiting fitting.

if you fossick around you find neat stuff on shelves like this P-39 control column....


a can of interior green paint....no agonising over colours for these guys



More P-39 goodness...


Real panel lines....



real rivet detail.


The aircraft was originally from the USSR but the owner has run with a USAAF scheme....



more details....

41802727072_df7eb8027b_b.jpg 41802725642_7ceec51cac_b.jpg


Apart from the P-39 there is an OS2U awaiting restoration..


along with a couple of P-40’s


And a Strikemaster in for service...




It’s pretty cool to get involved in looking at aircraft like these...

hope you enjoy the images 





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