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Thanks for the support and encouragement - as I've had umpteen requests for when I'd offer my printed planes for sale I decided to take the plunge and start. Website and buying options to appear shortly but in the meantime you can find me at:



My designs for the 1/72 laser cut RAF and RAFG Hardened Aircraft Shelter kits in ply I won't do myself but these will be available in an updated design via a EBMA hobby

All kits will have 1 or 2 in stock and I'll print off more as required. I'm not expecting huge demand given the types and as they are speculative or unusual types I'll leave the decals up to the customer. All I'll suggest is that Hannants RAF roundels, letters and P prototype roundels are my go-to and between those and the spares folder you should be able come up with something. 

Pricing is tentative for now but I'm thinking around the £20 mark plus postage for UK. For sales internationally I'd try to find local production partners who'd ship locally rather than deal with international shipping. Larger models £30-35 but I'm not intending or expecting to become rich off the back of these.

The 3D printing resin is very like the UV setting acrylic nails (which I'm sure you're all familiar with) or the UV curing white fillings you sometimes get. Good practice to wear a dust mask while sanding but other than that you should be able to glue with normal superglue and paint with any model paints.

Release schedule for this year: 

  • Mid-late May - Miles M.52 1/72
  • Mid June - English Electric P.8 1/72
  • Mid July - Armstrong Whitworth AW.58 swept wing version
  • Mid August - Saunders Roe P.187
  • Mid September - Armstrong Whitworth AW.58 delta wing Sapphire engined version
  • Mid October - Fairey Delta III or Fairey Large to F.155 requirment
  • Mid November - De Havilland DH.117
  • Mid December - Blackburn P.139

Likely to be other oddities and stores as and when they pop into my head and possibly trying out things at other scales as folk request them

Plans for 2022 include: Vickers Type 582, 2 RAE Proposals for Mach 2 interceptors from their 1952 report An Investigation into an Aircraft to Fly at a Mach Number of 2, Aero. 2462, DeHavilland Swallow


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1 hour ago, Gorby said:

At this rate, by 2025 you'll have the back catalogue to match Airfix.

Let me know if you ever do trilobites. :smile:

It is a lot but I want to make the models as well so unfortunately I’m my own most impatient customer 

Re: trilobites have a search for “trilobite stl” there are loads 


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11 minutes ago, Gorby said:

A trilobite dimmer knob?!?!?

I want one with undercarriage, remote control and the merest hint of a personality. I shall call him Trevor. :yes:

Surely I'm not asking too much?

I’m surprised you haven’t found (or applied yourself for) a patent for one that is 100 foot long, sports 3 howitzers and has a crew of a 30

Liverpool University are with you on the remote control idea 

https://geohubliverpool.org.uk/esa/index_htm_files/9o Trilobites.pdf


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1 minute ago, Gorby said:

I'm not convinced the undercarriage is particularly accurate. Methinks they may be pulling a fast one. ¬¬

My copy of Richard Fortey’s terrific book on Trilobites is in storage so I can’t check. I recall the brilliant section on their calcite crystal eye lenses but can’t recall anything detailed about their undercarriage. I suppose as long as Mr and Ms Trilobite (or Mr and Mr, Ms and Ms or any variations thereof) are happy then their undercarriage is their own business

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33 minutes ago, Gorby said:

I had to look that up and for some reason it reminded me of the Shorts Sperrin...

... and then I saw this photo with the two together (not my photo):



Dang!, I meant XB-68 - looks like a F-104 that has been on the protein powder and steroids

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