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In the mid 1990s, Colourcoats was established as the first model paint brand offering shades specifically for modellers of Royal Navy subjects, based upon the most comprehensive information available at the time.

In recent years, the delving of some individual enthusiasts into primary source documents in various National Archives made it clear that there were conflicts, anomalies and some straight contradictions between the widely held wisdom on the matter and what was actually written down in black and white and communicated to the fleet through the official channels at the time. For the past two years we have been working with these individuals by bringing us all together to pool our resources; each having discovered separate, isolated pieces of the larger jigsaw puzzle. Combining this with industry expertise sought and willingly given by several recognised experts on paint chemistry, we have been able to determine which anomalies are the result of incorrect assumptions and which were in fact correct identification of the correct paint, but that the old oil paint samples have significantly colour-shifted in the many decades since they were first made.

Regular customers of Colourcoats' Royal Navy products may have already noted the migration in our webstore now started. The entire RNxx range is now discontinued and will not be remanufactured, however they will remain available until existing inventories are depleted. An entirely new range coded NARNxx is to replace our Royal Navy offering. Initially this will accommodate the 1936-1950ish era, but spacing has been left in the numbering to migrate the earlier shades in due course.

Colours which are simply being renumbered without a shade change are:


RN28 becomes NARN20

RN01 becomes NARN23

RN02 becomes NARN24

RN18 becomes NARN25

RN04 becomes NARN28

RN07 becomes NARN33

RN09 becomes NARN39

RN19 becomes NARN42

RN24 becomes NARN44

RN27 becomes NARN45

RN26 becomes NARN46


All other NARNxx colours are new products, whether altered slightly or significantly from the similarly labelled product from the out-going RNxx range.

Our new range is as follows, organised vertically by appropriate time period and horizontally by camouflage tone. This organisation should assist the consumer (along with our research papers) to quickly spot and exercise caution over colour scheme references which demonstrate a fundamental lack of understanding by "cross breeding" paint ranges.




Products NARN20 and NARN21 are offered in parallel as alternatives to each other, NARN20 being a 13%RF version of Home Fleet Grey with NARN21 offering a 10%RF version. Similarly, as the greens used in the 1943 "B" series were specified in quantity but not in type, we offer NARN33 as B.5 or B15, and an alternative NARN35 as B15 with a greener caste. It can be seen from the above that G10 replaced bother M.S.2 and 507A, whilst B30 replaced both M.S.4 and B.6 and B55 replaced both Western Approaches Blue and Western Approaches Green. Lastly, B20 replaced G20 from mid 1944 (with an overlap).

These are in manufacture at time of writing, and will be on sale within 4 to 6 weeks. The Flotta Green and Brown will be a little later, but not too much, and we may add PB.10 also now that more kits of Royal Navy submarines are beginning to appear on the market.

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The first of the new paints are here (6 new colours plus some others needed for general restocking) and I am very pleased with them. I am about to start spraying lids and hope to have these on sale during this week.

The new ones include:

507A / G10 at 10% LRV
507C / G45

plus some more Corticene and what used to be RN02 Medium Grey which is now Equal Parts 507A/507C Emergency Mix
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Royal Navy WW2 paint colours MS1, MS2, MS3, MS4, MS4A and B5 now revised and updated in line with latest primary source research and available now




1944 to 1945 B20 is also now available.


507A / G10, 507C / G45, Equal Parts 507A / 507C Medium Grey Emergency Mix to follow tonight.


B6, B30, B55 and Western Approaches Blue to follow shortly, and Flotta shades will come in after those.

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I think we're about there now with the main colours. There are a few stragglers that possibly nobody will miss for a while at least!

Available individually here:

And we're starting on the boxed sets here:




















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good morning Sovereign Hobbies

i will be ordering some paint from you in the next day or so for my 

HMS Bluebell 1945 1/72

source book The Flower Class Corvette, by John Lambert, Les brown




what would be recommended for


boot strap

steel deck

what thinners do you recommend for your paints



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@Kevin Colours you need from the range are:-

507a -   NARN 21

B5 -       NARN 33

MS4a -  NARN 32

Keel to top of Bootings - NARN 42

Deck - NARN 23

Thinners - might be worth taking a punt at their own, as all the paints are enamel




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1 hour ago, phoenix54 said:

@Kevin Colours you need from the range are:-

507a -   NARN 21

B5 -       NARN 33

MS4a -  NARN 32

Keel to top of Bootings - NARN 42

Deck - NARN 23

Thinners - might be worth taking a punt at their own, as all the paints are enamel




just sent you a PM

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