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TAMIYA 1/6TH HONDA CB 750F (1980) Finished

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Afternoon Everyone :) 

So I was sitting at my desk feeling sorry for myself when I noticed something a bit odd...

The Forks were the wrong way round... Brakes are supposed to be at the rear. not only that, but i have stuck them the wrong way round... :no:


The handlebars are stuck on, and the holding pins are already in.... sooooooooo :( 


I drilled out the holding pin, so that i could slide them off and swap the two legs around....

made a new plug to fit in the whole...


And wallah... even got the mudguard on...


sorted ish :) 

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30 minutes ago, Mad Steve said:

wallah... even got the mudguard

You have a mudguard wallah?

You can call me PC gorn mad all you want, but having a local cover the wheel stop the mud spraying in your face is an affront to the poor chap's humanity! 

Good work Steve 
Looking really good. 

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lovely save , a bit of scratching must make you feel good, and another step closer to the dark side and a fully scratched maritime project


hope your feeling better, hows the cat?

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You and your lot.... bloody boat builders 😬

Was looking at boat kits this afternoon and after taking all thing into consideration and looking at lots of kits, i settled on....... an orient express train carriage 😬 ( then i saw the price 😱)

The Cats not a Cat, Cat is the memsahib 😬

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17 minutes ago, Mad Steve said:

There is actually one Kevin, i know its not a proper boat, but id love to do the Mississippi Queen River Boat. I have the space, freezer, but may need another wheelie bin 😬

there is a dedicated forum to Paddle boats called Paddle ducks Paddleducks


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Afternoon Everyone :) 

Just a quick peek really.

I hate working with gloss black! You just waft your fingers anywhere near the painted object and wallah, its covered in fingerprints (and you only see them when you've put a nice shiny gloss coat over them :)

So, the tank took quite a bit of work getting the seam sorted out, because again, with gloss black, every single little microbe becomes glaringly visible. 

One coat of Flat Black, followed by rattle can Gloss Black x2 coats, left to dry in a tupperware thingie, then one coat of Clear gloss and back in the Tupperware. Started with decals and then stopping 3 minutes later because you discover you have no surgical gloves left, so of to the shop, (good god they are 3 times the price now).  Long story short, use gloves on Gloss Black. Decals on and now waiting for 2 more coats of Gloss Clear.... phew :) 

I was worried about the choice of painting black, but I think it works...


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Afterbody Everynoon :) 

Not a lot of progress on the Honda, except trying to keep it fingerprint free :) 

Decided its time all the body bits were joined together....



Still need to do some work on the seat and then finish all the bits and bobs off and she'll be done. :) 


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  • Mad Steve changed the title to TAMIYA 1/6TH HONDA CB 750F (1980) Finished

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