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TAMIYA 1/6TH HONDA CB 750F (1980) Finished

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Afternoon Campers :) 

3 days of painting finally leads to some of yer actual building... 

Swing arm and brake assembly all put together, mostly all painted Semi Gloss Black (LP)


You can tell this is an older kit, the way that the pieces for the shocks are presented. Nowadays the tubes are mostly slide molded in one piece and the top caps also molded in one piece, but these are 6 pieces a side.


The problem is, the instructions don't tell you how long the shocks are supposed to be, but that becomes a problem for later :) (You screw the pin into the top of the cap and you can make them longer or shorter by a few mm's) 

After all that faffing, the swingarm is fitted and the side frames glued on. These frames are as they came out the box chrome, but have been spray semi gloss clear. 

And time to put them onto a build board. Please take note, the very expensive bike keeper upperer thingie :) I really must build a jig.



As I was saying earlier about the swingarm, I don't know yet if its too high or too low, so I've left the bottom's off the shocks so that I can adjust if need be.

Onwards.... :) 

I have stopped arguing with myself and the bike is going to be BLACK! :yes:, and its going to have the Gold and Silver wheels like the CB 900 & 1100 :yes:

Wheels have been painted X12 Gold.... ( I am very chuffed the way this came out, I have struggled in the past with acrylic metallics, but this new Tamiya/Sparmax airbrush is so much better than my old one :)


The rear wheel was then masked off to paint the rims X11 Chrome Silver 


Then the fun starts, all those edges and cut outs in the inside of the wheels have a silver lining. Oh hell if I can do them in 12th scale, 6th scale should be a cinch hey :) 

That's it for now, more later... 

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15 hours ago, Mad Steve said:

...have struggled in the past with acrylic metallics, but this new Tamiya/Sparmax airbrush is so much better than my old one :)

You would say that :P

Seriously though, nice work again Steve, the authentic standard garage front frame prop is a particularly nice touch.

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Afternoon campers :) 

Well our power has been restored and jollifications all round... :yes:

Yesterday I said I was going to paint the wheels the same as the CB900 and 1100's, which are essentially the same wheels as the 750, but are gold with a silver trim.... and wallah

The silver trim on the wheels is Tamiya X11 Chrome Silver. 

#- interesting point no1: There is a seam around the center of the wheel in real life, its how the wheels are put together


Bout time then that this scooter got some wheels on...

I think I actually got the length of the shocks right :), but we'll only see when the forks are on... 



As you can see I've also attached the side covers on the engine. They were super super shiny so I dulled them down a bit with Semi Gloss Clear and I think they actually look better.



and finally the rear lights were fitted. 

If you've ever wondered why you cant get your lights to be as bright and shiny as these.... its because Tamiya mold them in these colours (and we have to paint them) :) 


That's it for now :) 


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very nice indeed,

i always wanted this model (the real one) after the CX500 but got a great deal on the Kwak Z750L, i hated it, the weekend trips between Peterborough and Scotland, were just fast cols and dam boring, The Goldwing was much better

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7 minutes ago, Mad Steve said:

I had a CX 500 too, loved it. Best bike i ever had 

it took a while to get used to it, as i think i ordered different tyres to go with it, and they white lined a lot but yes a great bike

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Afternoon Campers :) 

Only a little update today.... 

The Auspuffs have been fitted.

I don't like Chrome Exhausts, so these are Rattlecan Semi Gloss Black, with Gloss Clear over that (and yes I had my real bikes exhausts dipped black :))



Next up will be the front forks :) 


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Afternoon Everyone :) 

A little more progress...

Front forks starting to take shape...

The Head has about 30 odd pieces. The top chrome bits are metal tubes, the bottom ones are screw in pins.


The ends are then fitted with springs, thus making the suspension 'work' 



Then I realised I forgot to put the decals on :) 

Bloody photos.... I've spent 3 days painting this lot in like 4 different shades of black and it all looks the same colour :no:


Anyway.... more later 




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god i fancy building that right now, tomorrow, it will be an 1/96 aircraft carrier

lovely work

once apon a time there was only one black, all the others were just dark gray

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Evenin All... 😷

Just a bit of an update today. 

Front rims all masked off to spray the silver bits around the edge. X11 Chrome Silver


Then i spent a little time doing some bodywork and seeing how it all fits together... 😬


nearly time to do some shiny shiny painting 😬

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  • Mad Steve changed the title to TAMIYA 1/6TH HONDA CB 750F (1980) Finished

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