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TAMIYA 1/6TH HONDA CB 750F (1980) Finished

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Afternoon Everyone :) 

I love building these big bikes and its been a while since I built one, and, I've never actually built this version of the CB 750, so bonus :) 

Clear some space cos these can get a bit big..

The kit was released in 1982 and it has been re released a couple times and this is one of the last ones.


so, for a nice change, the decals are good...


Instructions are Tamiya's usual goodness....



and there's loads and loads and loads of bits :) 

Yaaaaaaay a huge chrome runner...


Yaaaaaay another huge chrome runner.... (exhausts will be black...) 


Frame and swingarm....


more bits n bobs 


The big circular things fit inside the tyre's to stop the wheels going flat 20210316_141343.thumb.jpg.3c68b6b69d95bfaf781b22c3f9ae1d32.jpg

Wheels and other bits 


yet MORE shiny things.... these are about the only shiny bits that may stay shiny. 


annnnnnnnd body work...


The seat is made out of the funny fake rubber they use, as well as the grips, foot pegs and spark plug rubbers :) 


and then all the bits and bobs needed for the build, screws, springs etc

The metal pins on the right hand side are the inside workings of the forks. 


and what colour are you going to paint it Steve I hear you asking.. (barely stifling a yawn) :) 


I quite like black... 









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37 minutes ago, Mad Steve said:

I quite like black... 


So tempted to post a sketch from the Fast Show... xD 

Looks a really nice kit, Steve, but then I know bugger all about bikes and bike kits.  lol

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13 minutes ago, Walrus said:

but then I know bugger all about bikes and bike kits.


Sooooo... 1/6th, how big will that be then? On a couple of your previous bike builds I've wondered how big the model is.

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Afternoon Everyone :) 

Gorbs, I promised you a visual idea of what the sizes of the bikes are... 

Starting with your 1/12th scale bikes..

They normally measure out at around 16-17cm... (other measurements are available, I just cant be arsed to find my ancient measurements tape measure)



Now with 1/6th scale bikes, people just say, oh well its just basically twice the size... which is true yes, but sometimes they don't quite realise what twice the size is... :) 


I only have the KZ1300 and CX 500 unboxed at the mo...

The KZ1300 is just a smooch over 43cm... (International unit of modelling measurement added for size comparison)

The KZ 1300 is, IIRC, the biggest bike in the range.


and the CX 500 is around 36cm long, which is about the size of the bike I'm building now... 


You need quite a bit of space for the 6th scale bikes to build and to display, but the 12th scale bikes, on a normal like 1m shelf, that fits maybe 3 largish aircraft, could be home to at least 10 bikes, so the moral of the story is, start building more bikes :) 

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Afternoon Everyone :) 

Okeydokey, off we go.

I had already made a start on the frame, cleaning it all up and priming it, and then painted it with LP Semi Gloss Black

That was then covered with a Semi Gloss Clear coat. You have to handle the frame a lot so you really do need a clear coat on it.


And the Battery Box was added, with the battery wired up...

Its just going up under the tank, and glued to the frame on top.


Doesn't look like much is done, but its quite an epic scale to work with and just getting a little done can take a while... 

Crankcase and the rest of the engine is up next :) 

That's it for now :) 

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Afternoon Everyone :) 

A bit more done...

Crankcase has been completed and installed. All the bits were dechromed, re-primed and then painted in AK Extreme Metal Polished Aluminium so its nice and shiny again, then you spray it with Flat Clear :) It gives the Aluminium that cast look (well I hope it does). The sides look a bit tatty because I have scraped of the paint where the side covers are going to be glued on :) (Sorry, my phone has decided not to take nice photo's anymore... :no:)

Once that was all dried, it was given a wash with X-19 Smoke

A couple of screw bars and screws later and...



Even has its own Engine Number...


Next up, the Air Box 

Just 6 or 7 pieces, and painted Semi Gloss Black. Clips on the rubbers painted Chrome Silver.


and fitted...


And the last bit for today, the Ignition Coil...

The Spark Plug boots are made out of a rubberish material and are quite nice :) 


And that all gets fitted into the neck of the frame 


That's it for now. The Cylinder Head and Carbs are up next. 

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Afternoon Everyone :) 

A little more progress...

Cylinder head has been painted AK Extreme Metal Polished Aluminium and then when dry, sprayed with Flat Clear. 


The Carbs have been painted with LP Silver and again Flat Cleared and the domes were done in AK Aluminium. Still a little touch up needs to be done on the pipe and connectors between the carbs and the head :) 

Everything was then given a X19 Smoke wash....


Right, time to get the head fitted to the crankcase

Easiest way to do it, leave the top of the cylinder off, slide the head through, connect the carbs to the airbox, then click the head into the engine :) 


Then there is just enough room to slide the top of the head in...


And plug in the Spark Plug Boots :) Again, some touch ups need to be done.


Little bit of extra detailing, some wiring added :) 


That's it for now. Work now starts on the swingarm and all those bits :) 


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  • Mad Steve changed the title to TAMIYA 1/6TH HONDA CB 750F (1980) Finished

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