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Hasegawa 1/3000 Cordoba

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Hey everyone

I have been taking a break from the Star Destroyer to built the all new Cordoba kit from Hasegawa. For those who have no idea what this ship is from, it's from an old anime series called Crusher Joe. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crusher_Joe

Its a really nice kit and is the second kit of this ship made in styrene. The first, smaller kit was released by Takara which I happened to build way back in 2012 or there about.

There was also a larger resin kit made by Soy-ya which is hideously and prohibitively expensive if you're lucky enough to find one

The Hasegawa kit is believe it or not a "snap kit". I forgo a lot of the locating lugs etc to get a better fit but even then I just couldn't get the 2 hull halves to meet correctly. If you build it OOB, you'll end up with rather large and unsightly gaps. I feel that Hasegawa are trying to intrude on Bandai's snap-tight territory but in my opinion, just isn't up to that kind of level.

Still, I enjoyed it. I did remove open up some of the spaces on the hull and made some engine walls to sit behind those openings. I have done my best to keep the lighting subtle and to scale. There are even flashing red nav lights! I know - very fancy right?!

I replaced the pegs on the stand with styrene tube which I ran the power wires up. I had to mill the end slightly to get the tube to fit in the hole.

Other than that, its standard. Just a nice fun build that didn't take me 3 years to do!












You could really go to town detailing this ship but I didn't want to. I added just enough to make it interesting.

Well, that's it but again, thanks for looking

It's back to the SD for me




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Not bad...

Who am I kidding!  

Love it, Si!  

OOH it was a film!  
Gonna have to watch 

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