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Afternoon Everyone :) 

Well there we are then.

Not a bad little kit. There are one or two little issues, mainly with getting the front end to fit properly.

Paint is Tamiya TS 9 Italian Red from the can. 

My opinion, this is better than the Tamiya Mini IRT detail, (better engine & interior), but the Tamiya one's fit is better. 





Thank for looking :) 


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Come on,let's have a go of it,take me back 40-odd years to my mis-spent yoof,blasting about in a "tweaked" S with a rorty RC40 single box exhaust plus an LCB extractor manifold taking care of the outgoing gasses and a slurpy snorty 48 IDA Weber taking care of the fuelling.

IIRC,it also had a Downton stage 2 head,Piper fast road cam,Piper steel rockers and a Lucas 23D4 competition distributor.

Superb job Steevo,that looks terrific.

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Nice one Steve.  
My favourite car of all time probably because of the Monte Carlo Rally 
(And maybe seeing The Italian Job at the cinema played a part too!) 


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Great model-very nice and clean job, this was the first indication that smaller cars has for rallying (and not only for rallying)  much more advantages to big and heavy cars. Prooven by Peugeot 205...etc.

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