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When I assembled the Hasegawa 1/32 Fw 190D-9, I was impressed with the engineering of the wing/fuselage join such that the model didn't need to sit in the HobbyZone USA PS01 Aircraft Jig. After painting was finished and the decal process started, that's when I ran into problems - the constant maneuvering of the model to apply decals was going to damage the landing gear. The solution? Remove one arm of the PS01 and use the remaining jig to cradle the model while I rotate it around to apply decals! No landing gear were harmed in the application of these decals!dora2.jpg

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I find tha tipping the model with just one wing on the jig really helps with fuselage decals, especially those placed on the lower half of the fuselage side.
Attaching landing gear on untul most of the handling has been done is the order of the day for me.
Otherwise it's guaranteed I will break them! 9_9

Looking good Michael btw :thumbsup:

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