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Restoration of a Porsche 934

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I'm revisiting this build. I'm calling it the restoration of a Porsche 934.
The Eagle eyed among you will notice (apart from a few bits that have fallen off and some spray splatter on the background from its storage in the garage it doesn't need much restoration, well I have a cunning plan, I'm going to age it quite drastically, maybe have it languishing in a yard resting on bricks with the engine on a pallet covered by a tarpaulin, maybe even with a tree or Bush growing out of the car.
Then I am going to do a full restoration of it, that's the plan anyway.


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Hi all more work on the 934, first pic is my rendition of the tarpaulin over the engine (its just a bit of printer paper) second pic will be a couple of slabs of concrete when finished.




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Started the rusting on this (still a long, long way to go) it a fine line between beliavable and too far quite pleased with the start I know some of the rust looked very granular and there is not enough colour variation but it's definitely a good starting point.


I've decided not to have a tree growing out of it instead it will be a bramble (undecided whether winter spring or summer with nice juicy berries on it) im finding it very difficult to decide on the final setting, I was thinking of having the bonnet chucked on the roof with gouges and scratches or as it is now but I could sling the doors I could sling anywhere in the car or maybe even have one laying on the ground no where near the car almost over grown.

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Looks great. It is certainly going to be an eye catcher.

The only thing I , personally, don’t like is the tree. I think that the trunk is too bulky and gnarly to be growing through the engine bay like that.  Now a young , straight maple or a hazel copse would look great.


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