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Already following you on Facebook and happy to have a couple of RN post war carrier decks. 
I was especially impressed that you downsided the 1/48 Victorious deck to 1/72 after I made an enquiry.
It was in my hand with a week of asking! Fantastic service. :D


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Having seen your bases at the Scottish National show I can safely say I will be in line to buy one or two in the near future. Welcome to BxM (I mentioned to you at Perth that quite a few BxMers already had some of your bases).

Actually I am looking for a base to use with a project I'm working on now. I will be mounting a 1/72 scale V1 missile and a 1/72 scale Hawker Tempest on acrylic rod with the Tempest chasing the V1. I was looking to have a photo of the Kent countryside viewed from about 1500ft on the base. My attempts to print something suitable have been pretty poor to be honest so now I'm thinking of a blurred landscape to give the impression of speed. Do you have anything like that?

edit: I've just taken a look on your website and found that you do :) (you'd think I'd know how to check a website before asking!)

Duncan B

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