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Spitfire Mk1a Airfix 1:72 plus P.E.

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8 hours ago, Invictaag said:

Thanks, that was interesting to read, makes this aircraft more real now,

Cheers Andy

You're very welcome Andy,agreed,it's nice to know the fate of an aircraft and it's then pilot.

92 actually lost four a/c's on the 23rd,John Gilles and Roger Bushell bailed out,but Paul Klipsch and Pat Learmond were killed in their cockpits.

Pat Learmond's Spit.exploded in mid-air as 92 were "bounced"by the 109's,Paul Klipsch "went in"with his Spit( wreckage later excavated by "Timeteam").

Bob Tuck also made his first kill in the combat,shooting down the Messerschmitt leader.

By a strange co-incidence,the following day,Peter Cazenove belly landed P9374/J on the beach a few miles from Calais and walked to join up with the BEF fighting

the rear guard action at Calais and came across the burned out wreckage of Pat Learmond's Spitfire,all he could find was the melted quick release for

Learmond's parachute.......

And finally,that Timeteam dig for Paul Klipsch's Spitfire:


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Thanks again for the extra information. Funny enough that episode of Time Team was the first one I watched and it's now one of the few TV series that I do watch.

Cheers Andy 

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