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HobbyBoss 1/32 Spitfire Vb - The Star of Stone

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Hi Gang,

This is my first entry in to the group build. As you can see it's started, but I've checked with the admin. team and they assessed it as less than 25% progress.

This is going to be the machine that local 'legend' has it was paid for by money raised by Stone Rural and Urban District Spitfire Appeal. I've been given confirmation that a letter from the Air Ministry to the secretary of the fund refers to the Spitfire purchased was BL637, and known as the Star of Stone. (I believe meetings of the fund met at The Star inn, in Stone, which is my home town. The Star is a nice 10 minute walk from or house, so a nice local connection.)  A Spitfire features on the pub sign, but from what I've found out the art it it based on shows the correct serial, but the three letter codes are wrong. My model will show the aircraft coded FN-Y, and as flown by Lt Karl Theodor Jacobsen of 331 Squadron. Unfortunately Jacobsen was shot down and killed whilst flying FN-Y on 17th June 1942. 

As far as I can tell there were no special markings, excepting stripes on the cannon fairing matching the colours of the Norwegian flag. I'll be building in flight, with a pilot, and using Prop Blur photo etch to 'animate' the propellor.


Box shot and sprues. I haven't sourced decals for the marking

























More soon,


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added local information.
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The pilot is all but finished. I think it needs a touch up on the belts and perhaps a flat coat to bring everything together, before some very small dry brushed highlights. 

The lenses of the goggles are poorly represented, being totally flat. I did my best to simulate with dark brown then some coats of Tamiya Smoke. Looks OK at an arm's length!

I wish I was a better figure painter, but I'm actually very pleased with this, considering he's going to be buried in a cockpit. Arms left off so I can try to pose them working the stick and throttle.








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I've got the pilot and cockpit mostly done. Pilot was tricky as he is moulded in to his seat, which I couldn't make touch the HobbyBoss parts in anyway. I decided a brass pin from the back of his head in to the head rest would allow me to get the position (almost) exactly right. With a little bit of brown on the brass it will be all but invisible. Still got to finish off the join of the left arm to the shoulder.









Thanks for looking in,


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Fixed photos
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Cheers gang. Lots of work done over the weekend.

I feel like I'm plagued by faint canopy frames at the moment. These are virtually sketched in from fragments of tape, with radii produced by my mini punch and die set.




The overall shape is complete, and, inevitably, I've broken both cannon fairings off. They'll be one of the last things I attach!





And to give some tonal variation I've added a pre-shade. This always works well under Xtracolour.



Thanks for looking in,


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