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Tamiya 1/48 Type 10 JGSDF MBT

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About 12 or so months ago I eagerly bought the then new 1/48 Type 10 MBT from Tamiya from a Japanese Ebay seller so I could get hold of it before the local importer had them. I duely arrived and I built it to about 95% completion.... I then left it on the shelf waiting to get some mesh so I could line the turret basket which is more prototypical. 


In the subsequent 12 months some AM PE sets have been released.  Anyhow last weekend I took it along to our clubs display at the MOTAT military weekend here in Auckland and finished the build off adding some fine mesh in the Turret basket and a few of the smaller bits.  I've been doing the basic paint on it this weekend...

Here it is as it currently stands the photos are just mobile phone shots on the kitchen table so excuse those. 








The colours are the Tamiya JGSDF green and brown that they released with the Type 90 Type 10 and the recon vehicle kits in 1/35. 

This 1/48 kit builds up with no vices and is nicely detailed OOB. I had masked the camo using some random tape masks. Real Type 10's seem to have quite a tight edge to the camo pattern. so hard masking seemed to be appropriate. See the Wiki image below...




So I now need to do the side skirt rubber painting and the details before moving onto the weathering which given these are brand new Modern MBT's used only for Training will need to be considerately done I think.. I'll also pose it on a base of some sort..







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