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Some photos from the archive from my Grandfather when he was in the "Raff"

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First up Avro Shackleton MR.2 WL787 S "Sugar" of 38 Sqdn in Luqa Malta "the best posting my Grandfather ever had" in his time in the "Raff".

40845823572_3759810959_b.jpg1016897_751652831573552_8330486951342530750_n_zpsaas5zehd by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr

Next is Bristol Brigand RH747 my Grandfather crewed while on detachment to the Armament Trials and Development Unit at Culdrose in February, 1957.

40845823652_549dcb64a2_z.jpg144160_800 (1) by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr

Next up is Avro Shackleton MR.1 VP262 A-D of 120 Sqdn. Grandfather never crewed this particular "Shack".

40845823482_a8a13d7621_b.jpg10418929_751652834906885_3545939631647817211_n_zpsvbcpp1ct by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr

One airframe he did meet a few times during his time in the "Raff" was Shackleton MR.1, which was later redesigned to T.Mk.4 standard. And that was VP293, whose forward section has been restored.

40180045354_3a70978851_b.jpg11165284_10153281765618522_5829116969943425967_n by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr

39994144095_7634e554c6_b.jpg11188198_10153281764793522_3967762292594085987_n by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr

When my Grandfather crewed VP293 she was on strength with 206 Sqdn and was coded A "Apple" after he returned to the miserable UK after his tour in Malta and he was based at RAF St.Eval.

39994144415_2473838e6b_b.jpg7235187_orig by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr

He also crewed Shackleton MR.3 WR971 on one occasion too. WR971 is another of Grandfather's still extant at the Fenland Aviation Museum in Norfolk.

40846014742_1301967db7_b.jpg14433710003_d56da8ebdf_b by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr

Before crewing the Shackleton though, he was back on Lancaster's after leaving the "Raff" after his WW2 service with 5 Group Bomber Command. His favourite Lanc when he was with 38 Sqdn was GR.3 SW336 V "Victor". An interesting note is that both 37 and 38 Sqdns on Malta shared airframes. 

39994318015_c8e133e43e_b.jpgSW336 by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr

38 Sqdn crest

40846126672_95202f3b93_b.jpg64731_751653854906783_6237590958638260690_n_zpseyqew0ub by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr

And my Grandfather ex Bomber Command W/OP and Ex-Signaller with Coastal Command

39078302860_c992d85a09_b.jpg10262119_751652904906878_4406311000622779276_n_zps8rgwtokw by Darren Greenwood, on Flickr

There are more detailed posts about my Grandfather and Lancaster SW336 on my Blog http://myaviationandgeneralpictures.blogspot.co.uk/ 



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Thanks Mish. It's been fun researching what my Grandfather did, and tracing the airframes that he crewed. 

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