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Postal delays

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This is a general note for anyone who has bought anything from any UK online store from the end of February through to the end of the first week in March but also more directly to any of my Customers who bought something during that period but have not received their order yet (I do know who you are and the status of your orders in case you are thinking otherwise).

For those of us in the UK who weren't in a coma you'll remember the 'Beast from the East' and how it brought 90% of the UK to a standstill at the end of February. It has left it's mark by causing the Royal Mail all sorts of backlogs that even an industrial shot of Senacot doesn't seem to be able to shift. I currently have 5 orders that are still in the system with posted dates ranging from the 3rd to the 7th of March. I have been in touch with RM and they are advising that they won't consider them lost until after the 20th to 25th of March but fully expect them to arrive before then. Some of my other orders posted at the same time are just starting to arrive now and some weren't delayed at all. My resignation letter took 7 days to go from Brechin to Forfar which is a distance of 13 miles, another order was posted on the 1st of March and arrived yesterday (12th March)! 

Patience is the watchword for the moment while the Postal system tried to get back to normal and for my own customers who are affected you should have had an e-mail from me explaining the situation and what I'm trying to do to remedy it.

Duncan B

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