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Paul Jennings


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Hi folks!


This is the 1/72 (ish) resin Starbug from JPG Productions that I bought from Warren of Tyridium Models at SmallSpace last year. I thought some of you might like to see the finished result. Some LEDs and a few other improvements were made along the way. The battery is housed within the base along with a Velleman light chaser circuit, and current is taken into the model through the metal reinforcing rods inside the landing struts.




















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Thanks for the comments chaps and chapesses.

As far as I'm aware, for Red Dwarf fans this is the only game in town unfortunately. Maybe I'll scratch-build a Smart car Starbug some day. 

I bought this at SmallSpace last year from Warren at Tyridium Models: https://www.tirydiummodels.co.uk/

It's currently showing as out of stock and I don't know if any more will be made, which is why I gritted my teeth, girded my loins, bit the bullet and opened my wallet. Hey, sometimes you just have to. I'm glad I did, although it was a bit of a challenging build at times.

Best of luck if you're looking for one.



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Saw this in the flesh at SmallSpace7, and it's a really striking model. Very nicely done.

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