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Airfix HMS Victory (The little one)

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Picked up the 1:600 ish kit of the Victory for £2.99 in Aldi, well I actually bought 2 but don't tell the wife.

All sorts of things wrong with this kit but hey 3 quid I'm not going to quibble.


The port side wall (under the red line) is 1mm higher than the stbd side. I have reshaped the profile as well. Stbs side still to do.

Bow area (green) I have removed to more represent the real bow.



Using a scalpel I have scraped off all the moulded on detail of the gun ports, couple of coats of good old Halford primer filler will smooth that out.



Closer look at the bow, not bad for an evenings work.

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On ‎13‎/‎02‎/‎2018 at 16:48, Michelle Edwards said:

Not seen one of these since I was a kid

So that was only the other week then ..... :-)

Ok so part of the middle gun deck, just so that there is no gaping hole to see through the main hatch.


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