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Airfix HMS Victory (The little one)

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Picked up the 1:600 ish kit of the Victory for £2.99 in Aldi, well I actually bought 2 but don't tell the wife.

All sorts of things wrong with this kit but hey 3 quid I'm not going to quibble.


The port side wall (under the red line) is 1mm higher than the stbd side. I have reshaped the profile as well. Stbs side still to do.

Bow area (green) I have removed to more represent the real bow.



Using a scalpel I have scraped off all the moulded on detail of the gun ports, couple of coats of good old Halford primer filler will smooth that out.



Closer look at the bow, not bad for an evenings work.

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On ‎13‎/‎02‎/‎2018 at 16:48, Michelle Edwards said:

Not seen one of these since I was a kid

So that was only the other week then ..... :-)

Ok so part of the middle gun deck, just so that there is no gaping hole to see through the main hatch.


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Got a bit more completed on the gun deck this weekend, though I think I went a bit OTT ......


Afraid Im not the best photographer on the planet...

Each cannon is made up of 5 pieces

3mm x 2mm x 0.5 thk card for the base

2.5mm x 2mm x 0.5 thk card for the step up

Ø0.6mm x 3mm brass rod for the cannon

and x2 0.5mm x 0,5mm x2mm lg down each side of the cannon.

(Remember the overall size of this is only 40mm x 25mm x 4mm)



A couple of coats of paint later with a coating of Johnstons clear

shadows are Citadel dark earth wash, raw umber oil paint for the deck, burnt umber to represent the grating and black for the open hatches.



Ummm tell me again why we do this. Not much to see through the main hatch.

Note to self. Touch up the white on the walls before attaching to the hull.


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OK so have set myself in creating a prominent feature missing out of the kit.   Anchors.

Luckily I have several thousand pounds worth of 3D CAD available to me. So have created a model of an Anchor.


I measured the thickness of the paper at 0.1mm which results in sticking 12 of these together to get the correct depth. Plus there are 4 anchors.


I intend to flood the paper with thin super glue before cutting the parts out.

Anchor will be 9.5mm wide by 8.5mm deep and 2mm thk. I will use Ø0.5mm brass rod to join them together.

Well that's the plan

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Well the plan almost worked. Soaking the paper first and letting it dry caused the parts to shatter when I tried to cut them out. Good job I only did  one set...

0.5mm thk plastic sheet from a food container to the rescue. I cut out the parts and stuck them each side of the sheet with thin super glue.

I have left on a tab here just so I can pick the dam thing up.



Also worked on the bow and what ever that part of the deck is called.

Still a lot of filling and sanding to go here yet.


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Not much to show for a weekends work. Scrapped my first couple attempts at the mast. Going to have to buy more round bar in different sizes I think..


Dont you just hate the camera for picking up every error......


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