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Tamiya 1/35 M151A2 w/TOW (aka Mutt)

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Ok, after getting back from Ahmednagar, I did some minor work. As for paint, I decided to do it in plain green, now before you start sharpening your daggers and bringing out the pitchforks let me tell your. The strange light brown used in the army one is dried gunk now, because it was old. I also reasoned, that as happens in many units, even here, there are a few vehicles that are used very often and are basically workhorses. These tend to be repainted often, and at least in out army, it's done with whichever paint they have most of, which tends to be green so.... Please don't burn me at the stake. 


The radio sets buttons and knobs got some black paint. The seats will be painted leather later. 


The entire body, painted green. 


The driver's seat painted leather, and the useful sticks painted black. The radio is painted like that, as they tended to have thinner coats of paint and wore down more randomly. 


The launcher painted green. It'll be painted black inside. 


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5 hours ago, Vaastav said:

I decided to do it in plain green,

Oh dear – NOT accurate! I'm horrified, mortified, shocked, stunned, and several more emotions that I'm much too upset to list let alone sort into alphabetical order. :no:

Ohhh – nice green! :smiling:

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5 hours ago, Vaastav said:

Please don't burn me at the stake. 

Naaaw...I was so looking forward to a good burning at the stake.
Spoilsport. :( 

Looking Good Vaastav

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Hi all, thanks for letting me live. Further updates now. 


The tyres were painted black, and wheels were painted green inside. Some minor work is required. 


The crew seats were painted leather, and the brake lights now look like brake lights. 


The launcher was painted black inside, and the lenses for the sight were painted as well. Some tidying up needed, and that will be done. 


How it all looks. 

Comment and critiques welcome. 

Phir milenge

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