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Luftwaffe Gallery No.3 JG54 Special Album

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Just before Christmas I saw this book on Facebook advertised by the Luftwaffe Gallery. and with my online name and avatar there was no way I could say no. 

This book is written by Erik Mombeek and Maciej Goralczyk and is 92 pages on what is perhaps along with JG26 the Most famous of the Luftwaffe units of World War two. The book is presented in A4 landscape form and covers the unit from its inception as part of 1/JG1 in 1939-40 right up until its eventual demise in the Corland Pocket in May 1945. covering most of its famous pilots, Hannes Truatloft, Hanns Phillip, Max Hellmuth Ostermann and of course Walter Nowotny. there is more than just a story about pilots here as there are well over 100 photographs in here Many of which have come from veternas families and private collections of the authors. I certainly hadn't seen before (some i had thanks to John Weals, Fw190 aces of the eastern front), and some which have put to bed several debates in my mind, for example inner gear doors on early 190's; to retract or not retract.


Of course one of the things that JG54 is famous for is its unusual Camoflage schemes (that's what drew my Interest in the first place) so on top of the wonderful Photographs there are 32 Large side profiles in full colour from the JG1 days until the last days of the war with FW190 A9. Profiles are by Thierry Dekker and are beautifully crisp and colourful. The text runs throughout the book covering the history of the Unit as well as side notes pointing out what or who you are seeing. As well as being informative the text really gives you a picture of what the groups were going through at various stages of the war, I particularly like some of the descriptions of the eastern front including the evasions back across the front lines and the unit reports and personal testimonies of commanders about pilots, Trautlofts, accounts of Ostermann are both engaging and poignant. 


The account also takes account of the Gruppe sent to the western front as part of Galland's idea of different units getting experience on both fronts (a experiment quickly ended) which meant that iii Gruppe was in France for most of the second half of the war. 


A great book which has meant my purchasing of 109's and 190's has gone up, again! and the search for decals has also gone up and i would have happily paid more for a decal sheet of unit badges chevrons etc. to be included in the 3 popular scales. If you are a Luftwaffe fan or just want to know more about units or, just want to build that one example of an unusual 109 or 190 then this is the book for you. 


Highly recommended to all Luftwaffe Modellers i'm already considering a Jungmann or Storch from the book. 


Available from Http://www.luftwaffe.be or luftwaffe gallery on Facebook 

Price 30 euros Inc Packaging. and well worth every cent.

Review sample courtesy if my long suffering bank account!

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