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HKM Mosquito B Mk.XVI

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Well that's a day well spent building the undercarriage.  in total about 20 pieces for each leg but it looks awesome and now just needs weathering but I've gotta build the other one first. 20180127_170027.thumb.jpg.b6e272650879e3a3a377ef8b578bc6e3.jpg20180127_170021.thumb.jpg.58fa3e3b5426349ab4a01ff4207e42a1.jpg20180127_170011.thumb.jpg.aad76f14b14cf394cad7bd98b85d6cd7.jpg

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Well a busy weekend but I got some done. I'm going to do one engine on show and one covered. What you see is the start I have some wiring to do next and more pipework but the engine itself is nice 



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