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Constitution Class Starship ST:TOS

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Make: Revell

Model: Star Trek:TOS Constitution Class Starship

Scale: 1:600

Kit Number: 04880/05721

Markings: NCC-1657 USS Potemkin

Type of Build: Out of Box

Paint Method: Brush Painted

Paints used: Revell Aquacolor throughout (except Rattle Can gold leaf on the base)

Weathering mediums used: None

Varnishes Used: Humbrol Clear; Revell Aquacolor Mat/Gloss 50/50 for Satin Finish

Decal Solution: Humbrol Decalfix

Aftermarket Items: None

Scratch Built Items: None


Here is my attempt at the Revell 2011 release of the Constitution Class Starfleet from Star Trek; The Original Series built as NCC-1657 USS Potemkin.


The Potemkin was named after Grigory Alexandrovitsh Potemkin (1739-1791) and was one of 4 Starships to participate in a wargame with the USS Enterprise to test the M-5 Experimental Multitronic unit designed by Doctor Richard Daystom (ST:TOS “The Ultimate Computer”). The others being the USS Lexington; USS Excalibur and USS Hood.

The experimental unit suffered a major error which resulting in it treating the simulation as an actual attack, in the resulting exchange 500 crew of the USS Lexington and USS Excalibur were killed and all four vessels damaged, a further attack resulted in the Excalibur being crippled. The Potemkin, Hood and Lexington were ordered to destroy the Enterprise, but quick thinking by it’s Captain after the M-5 unit had been disabled prevented this happening. 

The kit had no fit issues, and was a joy to build after my experiences making the AMT version some years ago.







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