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Wrecking a Steyr

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what bought this about was a realisation of the following;

I consider myself a fairly disciplined modeller, I’m thinking very rarely do I consider starting another build whilst the current one is anything less than finished. 

However it seems I kid myself, the truth is I have quite a number of started and not as yet completed projects.

The wrecked steyr belongs to one such group.

I had decided to do a little diorama titled "Italy, left behind, 1948".

I had a minimart base I was working on and had just (a-bout) managed to finish a Diamond T wrecker from mirror models, which is a bit of a demanding build. It was at this time I thought to lump them with the two in the piccie below and call it a diorama.

, b58c2c33-e3e2-4501-acb6-081c6f6436f4.JPG


The Tamiya was straightforward as a basic build but the Riich is again quite a challenging build. At the time, and as a newcomer (around 3 years ago) I found it pretty hard to complete.

Early on, I decided to try and show some serious damage to the soft top of the Steyr. I hacked some holes in the top but left what would hopefully become an illusion of a frame cross member. Although unseen in this picture I was also adding another a further "made up" piece of soft top frame, at the point where the fabric attaches to the front of the frame.

Tissue paper coated with IPA was next and eventually dried as seen.







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Realised I missed this one from last nights post (beer?)

so from this;


to this;



and on to this


The inside got knocked about some as well


along with the usual bodywork enhancements




The doors and the wheels were put back on eventually but it was fun doing the various poses during the build



As I said the Riich kit was a challenge. I concluded that much of it had to be painted before finish construction which seemed less than ideal. You will get the gist from these pictures;








the seats were placed as if broken from their mounting points (this was done because I couldn't get them built correctly, not through choice) 






Mmmmm, not sure if I will get that running today


what you reckon Lorenzo?





and this is where it is today, awaiting my return. I hope it made you smile and thanks for looking.


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Bet those two Italiano gents though they'd come up trumps,a Universal carrier and a Steyr staff car to play with and a Diamond T

wrecker to tow them away with to boot!!!.

Great work TM.

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Thanks for the support everyone.

looking back at this reminds me of the many many hours spent painting the carrier. I have lost some patience in recent months and need to accept modelling is a marathon, not a sprint.

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